My Bearshares Account - 2,000 Bears Earned

By duckmast3r | crypto stuff | 11 Jun 2019


I have been on Bearshares for a few months and I have built my account up pretty decently. Right now I'm up over 2,000 Bears earned. Most of it is in share power and the rest is in Bear dollars. I have been doing pretty good and each of my posts have been getting maybe 20 to 40 Bears per post. I think my account will continue to grow pretty fast at this rate so that's going to be awesome.

I haven't really tried to withdraw any Bears yet, but maybe in the next few weeks I will try. I want to build my account more before I try to. I believe they have an exchange that allows this, but last time I checked it wasn't worth trading my Bears. I will maybe post again when I reach 3,000 and we will see how good that goes. My upvote is worth about 1.75 so that's pretty cool. Who knows how long it will take until it's worth 2. I will keep you updated.

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crypto stuff
crypto stuff

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