Good Bye Bankroll Daily Contract

By duckmast3r | crypto stuff | 6 May 2019

The day finally came that the Bankroll daily contract has ended. On a good note I did get my Tron back so that's the good thing about that. Throughout other smart contract sites I lost maybe $60 so I won't be a part of these for a long long while. I love the concept of the smart contract, but I don't like how they are set up to die sooner or later.

I knew this one would die out, but it looked a bit more promising. I think it's funny how they made it sound like something where you could retire from, but you could tell that wouldn't happen. Today I accessed the site and it said that the contract has retired.

Pretty much there is no more Tron in the smart contract so it's over, but they still have some on the Credits section. I wasn't earning much there so I withdrew a week ago. It was fun while it lasted and that will be about it for me with smart contracts.

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crypto stuff
crypto stuff

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