Bitcoin Price Up Today - $11,941 Right Now

By duckmast3r | crypto stuff | 4 Jul 2019

The price of bitcoin has gone up since yesterday and is looking good to end the day. It was at 11,277 last night when I posted and now it's up to 11,941. So it went up almost 700 since last night. Right now it's up by 5.86% according to coinmarketcap. That is very good, and if it goes up tomorrow we may see it near 13,000 again.

I am eager to see what will happen by the end of this week. I will try and check tomorrow and we'll see what price it is. It had a drop a few days ago and I was thinking that it may not recover, but it's doing pretty good. I'm thinking there may be another bull run, but that's just me hoping for it. I will just speculate and see what happens.

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crypto stuff
crypto stuff

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