Stop Following The Investments Of The Rich

By JalapenioJoy | Crypto Pickle Tickle | 25 Mar 2021

There's a terrifying trend in the cryptosphere and if it carries on it's here to stay.

'Followers' is a powerful word, and thanks to social media's influence - is one that's taken a tad too lightly. You can follow an artist's works, a company, a sports team, but what happens when you fall into the category of being a person's 'follower?' Wording does more to our brains than we think. In todays society we're becoming normalized into following a person (that we've never met and never will meet) to the point where our lives suck in comparison to them. We need to be more like them. We need what they are wearing. We need to be what they are eating. We need to be what they are... investing in.

There's a point that I need to rant about that I believe some people in the world of cryptocurrency need to hear or be reminded of.


Wealthy-white-man with a nice blue tick next to his name and a follower base in the millions, knows exactly what he's doing with his words and how many people he's getting those words to.

In the on-going cringe-filled clusterfuck of Elon Musk's Doge shilling: Yeah - you'll read about the few people that have made money from it...

What you don't read about are the majority of his teenage - young adult audience who jumped in on the market for the first time and made the obvious newbie mistakes. Dogecoin is a meme - sounds like the perfect infinite supply currency to sell to your audience who - at their age - only have interest in spending money on one thing - memes... What would happen if one of the most financially successful men in the world told his young cult following that buying a funny product is a good investment? There's some very big whale wallets on the Dogecoin chain, last time I checked there was a wallet with around 20% of the current supply. What happens to the value of everyone's coins if that wallet... cashes out?


Memes have a place in blockchain and I believe that - see my previous post about Banano.

But I think that while we're on the border of widespread adoption, the general public shouldn't have a joke come up first thought - especially the younger - more digitally adapted generations. If we can't talk about it like it's serious, it... won't be...

As more and more big investors and companies join the cryptoverse it's important to remember that they are in that space because it benefits them, and investments aren't always just a stock that changes value, sometimes purchases are made and manipulated for other tactical financial plays in a market.

When I see news articles on popular crypto pages or exchanges of "Mark Cuban and Joe Lubin (Billionaire Guy Who Doesn't Care About You and Other Billionaire Guy Who Also Doesn't Care About You) invest in this 'crazy' social platform that literally runs on a coin called MEME which on paper should never have literally any value." I have not done extensive research on the platform, maybe it's great - but I do get concerned that we're straying away from what the blockchain is all about.

Cryptocurrency is for the financial independence of the people; its purpose is not to be a billionaire's play-thing or social experiment. They are bored with manipulating governed money because it's too easy. Stop feeding them the idea that crypto is no different than the game they've always played.


Rant complete, Thanks for reading and happy browsing, I hope all your pickles get tickled, if not by this post then by the other wonderful content on Publish0x!!


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