How Much Money Have You Spent On In-Game Items And Cosmetics?

By JalapenioJoy | Crypto Pickle Tickle | 11 Apr 2021

So you're skeptical about NFTs? I get it. Someone just paid 200 ETH for the overly attached girlfriend meme... I don't blame you in any way, shape or form... but I think, perhaps you are looking in the wrong direction. This isn't your fault, you are just fed whatever twitter is dishing up for dinner.

So when I bear the question from the title, what happens? Some of you on Publish0x I'm sure are very sensible spenders and not all are gamers, but when I look back personally on how I spent my money in gaming, especially growing up, it churns my stomach a little bit...

Imagine we look back and - suddenly - Fortnite, League of Legends, etc are all run on the Blockchain. These giant Chinese owned corporations will still get a sweet penny from an initial pack release, sure; but once you've bought that skin, lootbox or useless-but-cute-virtual-kitty-cat, it's yours forever to do what you want with. Also, because of the nature of a maximum supply, hey look, that Bananaman skin that you spent $10 on 4 years ago is now worth $100 on the market! Wait - you have TWO HUNDRED League of Legends skins and you haven't even played the game in five years? I'm sure someone who plays now would take those legacy or low-minted skins for a nice price, especially if they aren't available anymore...

Not only that, but maybe that Bananaman skin can transfer to other blockchains... and be integrated into other games or virtual platforms? You love it that much $100 isn't worth it, so take it to whatever other virtual land you're in to show off there instead!

The ultimate bonus to card-collecting on the blockchain is when I compare my NFTs to my Hearthstone collection. To view my Hearthstone cards I have to log-in to Blizzard the Money Sucking Wizard's client (after downloading or updating and smacking adds away) just to then download and log-in to the game. To view my NFTs I open whatever wallet they're stored in; or even easier, browse my TokenHead app which tracks all my collections from their public addresses after a one time simple set up.


My AlienWorlds mining build which I managed to get really lucky on after investing $120 (half of my own money, half earned through the game and the market.) Soon after, there was a boom in the playerbase and these tools (max supply 2048) are now worth $400 each. I love using them but it's super hard not to sell them. My paper hands tremble...

Alienworlds is my favorite Blockchain game at the minute and it's still at its core. There really isn't any gameplay, but it's the communities that I've discovered and events that I've taken part in that prove to me this games potential. Binance integration helps - soon the in-game currency will be directly tradeable with BTC. Can't say that about your Riot points or WoW Gold!

RPlanet is hardly considered a game and is on this list simply because I partake. It has an interesting economy and functions as passive income by staking your unused NFTs (and if you play AlienWorlds, you'll probably end up with a lot of these.)

Splinterlands is my favorite in terms of pure gameplay. It's very basic - you choose cards from your collection in what order to fight based on how much mana you're assigned in the battle and what the rules are. I think I made that sound complicated somehow... There's a learning curve, but it's not massive and I really enjoyed diving in. Appeals more to my AFK Arena, Auto-battler tastes than my Hearthstone tastes. (if that makes sense?)

NeonDistrict is my newest venture, and while I don't fully understand what in god's name is going on - I really appreciate the retro/cyberpunk style that so many of these blockchain games are adopting. It feels like the early days of the internet when browser games were all we needed and life was a much... simpler time.

Unfortunately because blockchain games are in their infancy there is a lot of hot garbage out there not worth time or money; and there's many scams offering deals too good to be true. Do your own research and be diligent! Always check what you're buying is from the right (usually whitelisted) place.


Are there any blockchain games you think are worth checking out, that don't have a ridiculous entry fee? Let me know in the comments!

Happy browsing, I hope all your pickles get tickled, if not by this post then by the other wonderful content on Publish0x!!


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