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Grow Your Base (GYB) - learn and earn NFT platform

By bolid90 | Crypto space reviews | 21 Apr 2021

Grow Your Base (GYB) is online Learn and Earn platform intended to educate new users about Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Users can sing-up for free on platforms website and:

  • LEARN about digital assets and get information about available NFT games and projects who collaborate with or promote themselves on the GYB platform

  • ENGAGE with NFT companies and teams through social media and monitor progress in NFT sector

  • EARN credits (GYB tokens) and acquire valuable digital assets available on the GYB platform

Project plan is democratizing asset ownership in a way to allow anyone with internet access and hardware device opportunity to earn free NFT collectibles or other tokenized asset. On the other hand, platform collaborates with numerous NFT creators, developers and digital asset issuers to ensure free NFTs for active users. Users can choose between five membership level options:


GYB - membership plans

GYB - membership plans


My recommendation is to first take a "Starter" account and get familiar with functionality of the platform, then later you choose a membership plan depending on your ambitions.

A GYB token can be earned by solving tasks offered by projects – something like bounties. Tasks are mainly related to social media marketing, such as:

  • Follow project on Twitter

  • Retweeting project posts

  • Youtube subscripton

  • Visit project website

  • Read article about project etc.


GYB - earning section

GYB - earning section


GYB token is used exclusively for use on the GYB platform (not available on crypto exchanges) and in addition to earning in the already mentioned way, token can be purchased exclusively on the platform for 1$ per 1 GYB.

Once users have collected a sufficient amount of GYB tokens they can purchase some of the offered NFTs.

Your GYB balance and NFT portfolio is available on the right side of website menu.



GYB wallet


GYB - portfolio

GYB portfolio




NFT is currently a trend in crypto-space. A lot of projects are currently working on creating NFT tokens, tools for creating and managing NFT, digital marketplaces and other elements necessary for the normal functioning of this sector.
NFT can be created based on any value that can be tokenized, and blockchain technology allows verification, transparency and security of created digital assets.
The usefulness of this technology is widely applicable to almost all industries in the world and it will certainly improve the world in which we live in the future. Although currently in the experimental phase, the great possibilities of combining blockchain and tokenization have proven useful on decentralized blockchain platforms in the fields of art, gaming, supply chain management, finance, etc.  Significant benefits and advantages over the traditional system are cheaper shipping and exchange costs, transparency in operation, simpler and faster proof of ownership, and time savings in every possible way.




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