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Coinbase scam or useful ?

24 Oct 2020 Stalyn

29 October 2020
I will not move to another country for 200$ hahaha, over 10000$ was pass through my coinbase app and even more through wallet because my mining earning go to wallet. But something change, i think somebody from coinbase was read my comment because i pick up few free tokens before half hour. I like when i get comprehensive comment like yours, i will find some way to give you 100% tip :)

All valid quizzes on CoinBase

7 Oct 2020 GeeBee14

07 October 2020
there are no quiz available worldwide. They just put me on waitlist. Post like this are only for affiliate and referral incentives. - Earn Passive money with your crypto

18 Aug 2020 tijnski

18 August 2020
Is that scam? Do you research that site or just want referrals?

Let's mine coins....

30 Jul 2020 Kuwar432

30 July 2020
Uptrennd is platform for you. Scams live there

Uptrennd: A Place For Cryptocurrency Advertisement

27 Jul 2020 Bitcoin Babaji

28 July 2020
I am not visit uptrennd for 3 months, maybe creators does some changes but 99% scams and spams are on that platform. Publish0x is number 1 for all similar websites/platforms.

Credit Scores Possibly Coming to DeFi

17 Jul 2020 johnwege

17 July 2020
That product already exists, it is used by banks. If I give collateral - what purpose has that "product"? I think this is shit produces by DeFi hype.

Top 3 Crypto Platforms To Earn Passive Income

14 Jul 2020 CryptoCation

14 July 2020
Honeygain usage of bandwith decrease when you are close to your widrawal limit. Big ??

Statera Project AMA: $200 in DAI Prize Pool for Participants! #StateraAMAPublish0x


13 July 2020
Given the crypto-economic complexity of your product, a high gas fee (ex. Synthetix) is expected. What do you expect from the ethereum platform given that a lot of micro investors have dropped out of the defi game?

Earn Passive Income 24x7

3 Jul 2020 InsidersCrypto

06 July 2020
Sounds great, but.......first few days you earn nice sum but when you close to minimal witdrawal your daily earnings drop to 0.01$. I think you need 12 months to earn 20$.

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Podcasts

8 Apr 2020 CoinSteps

08 April 2020
my recommendation 1. Pompliano - Pomp Podcast 2. Luke Martin - Venture Coinist

70 Websites You Should Avoid At All Cost

13 Mar 2020 AndersonFrancis

13 March 2020
Writing all scam sites is time consuming - couple a years, but good start

Tutorial on how to earn with coinbase 2020

10 Mar 2020 Jomie0328

11 March 2020
misinformation, i am on waitlist over 2 years and constantly watching videos. do you have any suggestion?

My experience with Celsius Network and Nexo

7 Mar 2020 Cryptolaw

07 March 2020
compound finance - 75% LTV on ETH and without time limit, i cant find better lending service for my mining business liquidity. MakerDAO is ok, but NEXO, CEL and similar service are like banks

Cloud Mining (For Free!)

3 Mar 2020 psy37

03 March 2020
actually, legit cloud mining business must have their own ASICs because "Cloud Mining" business model works in that way - they are selling computing power in Hashrates to clients. If business dont have a machines its scam (ponzi scheme). When I doing due diligence before investing - scripts of 20$ from codecanyon are red flags because any serious business can create original website in WordPress or hire web designer. I am sorry but legit free cloud mining sites are myth. I make great money with dualmine but i think its scam.

Cloud Mining (For Free!)

3 Mar 2020 psy37

03 March 2020
Indigo Mining use the same script as wawex and luxor mining (both scams). All these sites are scams. Only Dualmine and Nuvoo are legit for now. Dualmine look like deeper ponzi scheme and with NuVoo you cant profit (high fees). Good luck

Mining, cloud mining, pool mining, what the f***? - Simply explained

29 Feb 2020 Roberto D.

29 February 2020
i bought dualmine contracts 16 months ago and I earn nice money with this "company", but when I do my due diligence it looks like a scam. I dont know why their team are hidding from public? Maybe they steal electricity for operation? I notice they have exchange and other website connected with dualmine. You have some info?

Question for the community here: should comments be able to receive tips too?

25 Feb 2020 ChasingAfterTheWind

25 February 2020
I support the suggestion, comments are helpful for selecting quality posts. If someone thinks the post useful, just click upvote but not for example: "nice", "great article" etc. But comments that encourage further discussion on the topic are useful and deserve some incentive reward.

Cloud Miners

24 Feb 2020 cryptojourney

24 February 2020
I agree with you. I like the topic and the problem you presented because this model is good for both sides (miners and investors) but is destroyed by scammers.

Crypto Mining Trends in 2020

24 Feb 2020 DimitarM

24 February 2020
We share the same opinion, I only mine Bitcoin with asics, with GPU Quarkchain and Ethereum and with CPU (Ryzen) Monero and Gulden. There are also interesting projects like Holochain and Skycoin where you can mine with bandwith (raspberry pi is enough).

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16 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Franklinlee

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