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Mantra Dao and BitMax announce listing celebration

By klymacks | Crypto Shilling | 25 Aug 2020

DeFi. So hot right now. Balancer, Compound, AAVE and many others have emerged as dominant forces in the crypto world. This is a hot tip on a real good lookin' DeFi up and comer- Mantra Dao ($OM).

Previously only available a few places after ICO, like Bithumb which was the only place prior available to stake (with the stake program there already closed), might wanna get your tokens and get them over to BitMax posthaste (sorry USA and other typically restricted areas). DYOR-it is highly risky, but the tech is on fire utilizing Polkadot ($DOT) to tie everything together nicely. I keep hearing CT, Reddit and TG making noise after absorbing announcements surrounding major partnerships and other news seemingly daily. Today's news was just shared in the Telegram and this particular tidbit takes me to extremely bullish territory on $OM. 88.88% Staking reward seems too good to be true right?! Wrong.

Checks alot of boxes

Thinking many are gonna bite on this and hold it for those sweet staking rewards making it a must-buy IMHO right now. Staking is coming on-chain soon. CAUTION: I said it was risky, it's a small team and it's early. Team is a parity partner though, so that seems pretty legit to me. Couple more exchanges and I can't see how this 'lil gem doesn't fly past a dollar per in the short term, 5$-10$ in the mid. Could be the 100x you've been waiting for. Sack up. And when you get rich, don't forget to leave a tip at klymacks.crypto


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