Loopring.io - Earn 40 LRC now for testing Loopring Pay
Loopring.io - Ethereum scales today

Loopring.io - Earn 40 LRC now for testing Loopring Pay

By klymacks | Crypto Shilling | 7 Jun 2020

For those of you that aren't using the Loopring.io exchange yet, now is a great time to dive in. One of the biggest players in Ethereum scaling solutions is a rising force and you should care because your wallet here probably has some spare LRC change jostling around in it which is the platforms token; just have a look at these encouraging numbers.

I'm in the Loop

You may be aware of Loopring.io because it's one of the few incentives that Publish0x offers as incentive for using this platform. You probably have some in your wallet here now earned for posting or tipping articles here on Publish0x. Loopring.io is one of the many currently emerging solutions solving the scaling bottlenecks that Ethereum and other major block chains can suffer from that ultimately limit their use cases from making gas costs unreasonably high during peak transaction times. Once your assets are loaded into the decentralized exchange here on Loopring.io, you're able to trade between the few supported assets quickly.

Loopring is new and adding assets quickly

As you can see, the value of this proposition is exploding as I write this as evidenced by the price rise and action in this token over the last few minutes. You're able to stake the token for a share in their process of zero-knowledge proofing called proving that allows you to earn returns based on a percentage gleaned by the amount of tokens and the time staked, averaging around 1% back right now. The best part of this system is that the more people engage and use it the faster the transactions process for everyone. Give it a try today and get 40 LRC free! All you need to do is setup a new account with my link and then after you make a transfer on Loopring.io, no matter the size, you will be presented with a “tweet” button that allows you to post and get paid in 40 LRC plus receive 10% back on trades. What's more, you can refer friends too and there's no limit to referrals right now, each one nets another 40. This is a can't miss opportunity. Get in the loop today. 




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