the most important prize of the year! at least 15 k $ in Aegis tokens!!! it is happening now!

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 16 Aug 2020

hello guys!

i didn't want to add an article so soon, but  I just got the announcement on Aegis channel and this blow my mind, because I was waiting a private sale from them and now I find it is almost over, BUT they have a contest for the last 30 k $ for this sale. 

Let me tell you something about Aegis (AGS):


in short words, it is another DEFI project with very promising future, only 30.000.000 tokens and it is starting now to sell it. 

look what Cryptodiffer says about it:

Aegis is a scalable DeFi platform that solves this problem by giving users access to lending and unsecured borrowing services, based on their credit scores. An "Aegis Score" is then assigned to the individual users, which allows users to unlock corresponding capital loans in the crypto ecosystem. Aegis therefore play the critical role of a capital bridge that gives users the ability leverage and move liquidity seamlessly between fiat and crypto ecosystems.

Aegis is a scalable DeFi network which offers solutions for over-collateralization in existing DeFi lending business. In order to provide users with more diversified lending services and lending-based derivative issuance, Aegis will work with partners to build Aegis Ecosystem including:
▪️POS-based Blockchain: Ethereum, COSMOS, Polkadot, TRON
▪️Traditional Financial Service Providers: Alipay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express for user credit validation
▪️DEXs & Markets: Uniswap, Balancer, 1inch, Mesa
▪️Oracles & Protocols: Chainlink, Augur, Band Protocol, Aeternity
▪️Crypto Wallets: Enjin, Imtoken, Kcash, Trust Wallet, MetaMask

As the utility token powering the Aegis network, the AEGIS token drives ecosystem value through the following use cases: Gas and Transaction Fees, Staking and Network Validation Rewards, Collateral, Network Governance, Deflationary Token Burn. AEGIS will be issued soon via a series of Token Sale through multiple channels.

Total Supply of AEGIS is 30,000,000. Within the capped supply there will be a liquidity mining incentive pool Yield Farming), the fees for various operations will be burned and a Deflationary mechanism will be introduced. We are looking for more updates from the project and recommend to subscribe to Aegis social channels not to miss important news.

The project is still in the stealth mode, the website is yet to be updated. So far the team is available to answer all questions related to the project in the Aegis Discord.

here is a picture with the token allocation:


So, from the total of 30 mil AGS, 1% were allocated for Seed Round (at 0.1 $) and the same quantity for Public Sale (at 0.5 $)and 6% (at 0.25 $) for private sale. This is a very small one, let's see what will happen.

Anyway, what's important: AGS will not be bounded of ETH, it will be on Cosmos, Polkadot and Tron platforms, also.

I'll let you discover more, you have the links in this article.

The contest

So,let's get to the subject of this article:

For the last 30K in $ of their private sale at 0.25$, they have a contest, so you could be the lucky who will receive one of the three prizes.

This is their message:

  1. To show our heartfelt gratitude towards the community, we hereby announce that Aegis will hold a “Private-sale Allocation Contest” which offers a total of $30K of private-sale allocation for the 3 winners of the Contest.
  2. The $30K of private-sale allocation is the only and last available allocation that Aegis specifically reserved for the community.

Hereunder are the rules of the Contest:

3 winners will split the $30K Private-sale Allocation following below metrics:

Gold medal:    15.000 $ in AGS tokens

 Silver medal: 10.000 $ in AGS tokens

Bronze medal: 5.000 $ in AGS tokens

Here are the conditions:

  1. A totaling score will be used to determine the winner list as well as the winner rankings.
  2. Participants will need to make and publish organic posts via 4chan, Reddit, and Twitter. Contents of the posts shall be about introducing and promoting Aegis as a DeFi platform with specific characteristics. The totaling score will be based on the total number of reading (retweet) of each participant’s posts in aforesaid channels.
  3. Time of Contest: 2020.8.17 20:00PM — 2020.8.21 20:00PM, Singapore Time.
  4. All participants will need to submit the links of aforesaid ports (tweets) within 12 hours after the end of the contest to Aegis’s designated CM (Telegram Handle:@RyanAegis ).
  5. Winners will be announced and allocation dispatched within 24 hours after the end of the Contest.

Also, keep in mind that the public sale will be on 22nd August.

Keep an eye on this project. Good luck!



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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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