The curious case of TZ button

The curious case of TZ button

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 20 Feb 2021

Maybe you remember that movie with a long and unusual name: The curious case of Benjamin Button.

The film is presenting the life of a man who is starting to live as an old person and died as a baby.


And the boy is starting to grow :) ...


...and grow...


So curious, indeed. Growing from old to young.

What woman wouldn't have such on old man near her? :)

But, in the film, he died as a young and, maybe, happy, with no regrets, not weak and old like most of us will do.

Here is my inspiration resource for this title.

Well, that movie made me think about this title for this case:

Something is is decreasing in timeline, is smaller and smaller, but like Benjamin, is bigger than was at birth and trying to get as much as it can until die.

And here is the current case of this gentleman - Button, Tezos Button.


Why am I looking at it?

Because, day by day, it looks bigger by us feeding it and it makes me curious who much it will grow?

Could die sooner by accident - (case 1) or could it live until his good death - (case 2) ?

In case 1 - you can see a countdown timer on the middle of the screen. if nobody is clicking the blue button until this time is reaching 0, then the game is over and the last one who pressed the button is having the pot (now is more than 166 Tezos)

In case 2 - after each press of the blue button, the countdown timer is starting from the beginning, but this new beginning has a shorter life than the precedent one with few seconds.


So, the timer has less and less time to countdown and the situation is becoming more and more interesting and alert.

Who will have the strength to press at the right moment the button?

That is making me very curious, because I'd like to be the one who did it.

This is the reason I look now twice a day at the timer and probably it will be a lot often in short time.

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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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