Tezos official faucet is running dry. This should be a good sign for the ecosystem. Here's why

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 8 Oct 2020

hello guys

I was monitoring some faucets for a while to ses how are performing on a long term, and one of them is Tezos Faucet.

the principle is simple: you enroll in their faucet with a Tezos address (i used the one from Nano Ledger) and enter once a week to claim a 0.02 XTZ amount.

yes, indeed, in one year you could have a whole XTZ :).

if it will last until then. if not ...

The news

So, in more than 10 weeks I think I grabbed around 0.2 XTZ. Maybe this will mean something in 10 years, but now is almost 0,44 USD. 

Anyway, this was a test. But in this moment:


So, the fairy tale has ended. If I will find another faucets, I will let you know.

In the meantime, you can try Banano or Zen faucets.

The new hype, in my opinion, is farming on Binance: staking BNB and you will receive new tokens (like Venus project, ALPHA, FLM, WING, BEL).

Why is this good for the ecosystem?

Because it means there are no more coins to be shared for free. No more coins sold quickly to be converted in FIAT. The offer should be smaller now and the coins should start to be accumulated by the ones who believe in this project.

Why I have confidence in it?


- it has the financial resources to be completed

- it has the team

- the devs and the community are growing every month

- the activity is increasing substantially in the last period

- the concept is good: security for the smart contracts (verified for flaws)

- the preparations for using this platform are already made (launching tokens worthing more than 2 billions USD for real estate are one of the many applications in developing)

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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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