pNetwork - the next SNX of DeFi World - better features, 42% staking/year

pNetwork - the next SNX of DeFi World - better features, 42% staking/year

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 21 Oct 2020

hello everyone

Today I'm gonna present you one of the most promising (for me) projects vs market price in these moments:


pNetwork, former EIDOO, a swiss project in crypto Finance

this is the Roadmap

The most relevant info:

-Name:  pNetwork / $PNT (Not to be confused with penta who has the same ticker)
( rebrand of EIDOO after joining forces with Provable Company
📊 DeFi

(Both eidoo and provable were majoritarily acquired by Swiss holding company: )

🗂 The project described in 4 pics:


▪️before the rebrand, EIDOO burned 1/3 of the eidoo supply, which liquidated roughly 80% of the eidoo team supply.
📊 "How much PNT does the team have now?
A: The team has 13M PNT locked, they unlock after 1 and 2 years"
📊 new total supply of pNetwork is 87,984,177 PNT.
(Circulating supply is 24,513,972 PNT)
❌ they offer 2 types of staking, 1 standard staking, and staking through their existing EIDOO visa card.
📈 the staking APR will be a very impressive 42% the first year and 21% the second year and could be even more if it is combined with Steroids (liquidity pools for Uniswap)
the economic sustainability for these rates are here:

🗓 staking started in august.2020:

📊 Full DeFi, DAO, synthetic/wrapped tokens..
( here is a list of upcoming synth p assets, scroll down to assets supported )

🆕️ Still new, pnetwork have minimal total value capital locked in to their network at these early growth stages:

Although the 2 projects have many distinct, separating factors.. pNetwork does have many similar facets and traits that will put them in a similar lane as Synthetix (SNX).
I still remember when Synthetix had under 300k total value locked into their platform, look at SNX today:

Why I say yes for this project:

✅ New spinoff of an old project (brand new chart cycle without the prior history of EIDOO on it, starts on july 1st, 2020)
✅ DeFi
✅ very high staking return %
✅ low supply
listed on binance, bitfinex, kyber, hitbtc, loopring, was delisted from okex.
(Binance liquidity will come in handy if the retail demand spikes)
✅ USDT and BTC pairs
✅ their ptokens will be integrated on:
Kyber network
Bancor network
Dex . Ag
(Others in the process of arrangement currently such as balancer and many more)
✅ they have a proprietary hybrid dex:
✅ they have a proprietary defi dex:
✅ already fully integrated on google play and app store.
✅ they have their own credit card

▪️LINK 2 (
▪️LINK 3 (

✅ low cap: $9,905,420 USD (20 october 2020)

☑️ very limited competition for "teleporting tokens across blockchains", mainly only REN,  and KEEP:

📊 room for growth with this new project venture is potentially substantial to extensive, with much overhead room if properly developed and launched by the team, and if moderate market interest is captured/retained.

Price evolution:

📊 current CMC index:
$0.404072 USD
0.00003399 BTC

ATH: 1.41 $ (13.aug.2020)

ATL: 0.38 $ (17.oct.2020)



⚠️ still too early to establish a firm prospective value and quantify it into a dollar amount (or sats amount)
▪️that will come soon, but many metrics need to be further evaluated first.

I see many similarities with SNX price history: they exploded last year and in february.2020 decrease until 0.80 $ level. In the big dump of 13.march they touched 0.40 $. In the meantime, their ATH was above 7 $ !!


Other data to take account of:

Provable - blockchain oracle service, enabling data-rich smart contracts
Provable - the state of the art oracle service. Designing the safest data-transport-layer for

The DAO and 42% APR staking for 1st year both begun.
Should be interesting to watch this EIDOO rebrand into DeFi.

P.S. :  EIDOO completed their entire project, met and surpassed every single goal.

So. After few months of staking I can confirm everything is fine. We wait for gaining traction in the market on locking more value (now they have only 3 mil $ locked).

In contrast with other projects, this is a more complex one, with many goals that are already touched and more to come, so I have confidence in it.


With this low supply and marketcap, with these fundamentals, seeing what are their future plans, I am confident this is a good project for the next years.

Take a look, make your own research and give a judgement. I hope you will see the naked truth.




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