How to multiply yor BTC and ETH without not getting rekt
Crypto Portfolio structure

How to multiply yor BTC and ETH without not getting rekt

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 14 Apr 2020

I spent some years now since I am in crypto and I experienced successes and also failures and I think I learned more from my bad parts of investment experience than from the nice ones.

somebody tells that stupids are learning from their own mistakes and the wise people from other's, so, I'd like to share with you my conclusions.

Part one: the philosophy of my ideal portfolio

first, it is important to split it in 3 big parts (I used terms from stocks world):

- the so called blue chips - 70%

- growth coins - 20%

- speculative coins - 10%



If you are not a technical analysis trader, you should make your choices after a deep fundamental analysis. That means you need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) by gathering info about your future investments as much as you can from reliable sources (you could search for reviews of coin reviewers or crypto guru or whatever they are named).

Part two: the blue chips and how to increase our net portfolio

well, for me, the blue chips are: BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH. I was also studying BCH, but in the recent light of rolling back operations and bigger mining concentration pool, it is not qualified for my "safe enough" decentralisation.



After you consolidated the base of your portfolio, you could play between this 4 coins to gain in number.

For example, ETH was:

0.0175 BTC in 8.jan.2020

0.0257 BTC in 26.feb.2020

that means you could play in this range and gain 46% in ETH!!!


Look at that chart and digest what am I meaning:

ETH vs BTC volatility - you can play in the red rectangle

I made a rectangle in the range you could try to play. This kind of game could be played also with the rest of the blue chips: DASH and LTC. By the way, LTC looks low vs BTC now. It could be a moment to buy it.

Now, LTC vs BTC is 0.00600 BTC and in 19 feb was 0.00761 - that means if you buy now and sell at that price, it is a 26,6% gain in LTC.

LTC vs BTC volatility


Part three: the growth coins - 20% from total portfolio

These coins are the ones with very good fundamentals (at least, until now, because accidents could happen anytime - see Insolar (INS) ).

So, these coins have a good and solid path for growing because of their strong project, usecase, team, partnerships, etc.

Here I will put a list with these kind of coins in my opinion. Of course, you could follow the same model of growing like the one used in the blue chips: when one coin is down, could be bought in exchange of one which is very high.

Growth coins

You could study the price history of these coins (vs USD and vs BTC or ETH, for example). You can determine safe ranges when the price is as low as possible (the support) and the reverse, when is high (the resistance) and you could play between these two. 

Part four: the speculative coins - 10% from total portfolio

Unlike others, I tried to choose these ones also by fundamentals, but these are not so big like the Growth coins category or I am not so confident in their chance to success. So, this is my list. You can pick some from here, study them and after that, take a decision.

I discovered recently that Coingecko has alerts for coins in USD price even if those coins doesn't have a pair with a stable coin (these is usually happening at SPECULATIVE coins). In this way I can have my alert for MWAT or TFD for example, which can be higher in BTC, but All Time Low in USD, for example.

Speculative coins portfolio

Again, you could follow the same model of growing like the one used in the blue chips: when one coin is down, could be bought in exchange of one which is very high.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment advice. I show only how my strategy is.



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