Hold Your Crypto Currencies Tight, Our Time Is Near.

Hold Your Crypto Currencies Tight, Our Time Is Near.

By Godsplan | Crypto school | 12 Feb 2021


The future of blockchain back at 2009 was very narrow and most people never thought we could come to this far. Just in 2017 a man regretted selling about 1700 BTC for just $0.64 around 2013. Just imagine, the man started regretting in 2017 and that was when bitcoin even crashed to hundreds. Today bitcoin is now valued around $40k and above and if someone who started following crypto from 2009 to now still have some bitcoins in his wallet, l’m sure such a person would be very glad as at now.


Even though most of us knew about crypto currencies just in recent times, it doesn’t mean that we are late. We still have many opportunities available and if we utilize these last minutes opportunities, we would be proud of ourselves in a few years to come. My advice again, hold your crypto tight, now is our time. If you still think your portfolio is not broad, please add some more coins before the market finally goes up. There are very positive signs that the market is going higher gradually and l’m here to enlighten us about some trending events in the market now.


Some two days ago, Tesla took the decision to invest about $1.5 billion of its total assets into crypto and even planning of adding crypto to its payment systems in addition. The decision was made after the conference MicroStrategy organized on 5th February to encourage more organizations invest in crypto currencies. Now guess what is next…..


MasterCard is also considering the idea of supporting crypto by the end of 2021. Paypal was the first payment processor that accepted crypto last year and now MasterCard is also ready to accept crypto currency payments. According to coinmarketcap daily news, the MasterCard company is planning to allow card holders pay merchants directly using crypto currencies. Reports also revealed that MasterCard is currently holding 89 blockchain patents and is waiting for 285 more to be confirmed. The company also stated that they are adding crypto currency option for customers willing to use but that doesn’t mean they are forcing their customers for the services.


Apart from the support crypto received from MasterCard, one of the oldest bank in America known as BNY Mellon is also considering the idea of supporting crypto. According to the report, the bank also planned to enable crypto currencies to flow through the same systems it uses for the traditional currencies and stocks. From what the report is saying, the bank has taken measures to control the crypto currency transactions like that of the fiat and stock.


With these two great organizations willing to support the crypto community at this time, people are also suppecting Twitter might be the next organization to invest in crypto currencies. Reports also stated that Twitter has already planned to pay its employees in crypto currencies and specifically bitcoin. Rumors are also spreading that the company (Twitter) is also planning to add some amount of crypto. Many people are still wondering why Twitter hasn’t taken the step yet to invest in crypto even though their CEO is a big crypto fun. Well, we believe that it’s just time that is holding Twitter not to invest in

crypto yet and when the time is right, they surely grab their own portion of crypto to their balance sheet.


All these events are showing us that the interest institutions now develop for crypto is becoming more as many other organizations continue to discover the goodness of crypto. And also, what do you think will happen to the crypto market when MasterCard and the American bank start to buy the crypto?

To me l believe it will add some more value to most of the crypto currencies and the market growth will continue as many other institutions come in daily. And for us the micro investors, this is our season, we need to hold what we can afford to lose and be ready for the future.



I will now use this opportunity again to conclude my article and again thank all my readers and all the members of Publish0x for supporting me to this far. I would also appreciate any advice from any member concerning my piece l just wrote so that l improve upon my writing on the next articles.


Thank you all for reading my piece and remember to stay safe in this era of the pandemic…

Have a nice day!!!


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