The PROBLEM with WAX and Atomichub

By Domifidsch | Crypto Scandals | 4 Apr 2023

The Problem with WAX and ATOMICHUB:

Welcome back everyone. 😀
As my journey here goes on and I can now look back of nearly two years experience in everything related to the WAX universe and their Blockchain, i finally start to develope some concerns about this project..


This one question I always ask myself: How many percent of all the projects out there are scam? The answer is: In the general crypto space somewhere between 10 and 20 percent. This is already a pretty high figure but when it comes to WAX and ATOMICHUB, this figure somehow to be at 50 percent or more.



A huge lot of investors were willed to invest huge amounts of money into shady Cryptogames. Oftentimes only the promise of starting to delovope something was enough for people to invest. Some projects at least made themselves the work to write a roadmap which they in most cases sadly failed.
Some people lost 1 dollar. Some people 100. And some spender all of their savings into nfts, that lost nearly all of the value in 18 months.

I am one of them, too. I just spended a couple hundred dollars into wax but for me this is already a huge amount of money. All the great promises didn't became reality.


Apart from all the rubbish NFT games I bought myself into, I was able to invest into one project which is at least holding it's value more or less and obviously still improves the game.
It's alienworlds.
One out of thousands of projects, started on WAX.



Atomichub as the main nft market platform of the Blockchain and WAX as the backing coin raised the hope of many many gamer to create a place which can help to revolutionize 
the way we all game. Away from being forced to pay with Fiat currency and to develope games, that are able to go beyond the way we experience games today.

For me and the most this has gone far far away. Hopefully this possibility will appear again one day.
Until then, hold strong and where you can and always do your own research if you want to invest into anything!




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Cheers my friends

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Crypto Scandals
Crypto Scandals

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