The Crypto President Javier Milei?

By Domifidsch | Crypto Scandals | 27 Nov 2023

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Argentina has elected a new President. His name is Javier Milei and apart from his libertarian way of thinking he appears to be a pretty uncomfortable person for political opponents and is a very extroverted human as well. 


There a a lot of funny and sometimes a little shocking videos of him everywhere on social media platforms and apart from most politicians of our time, he seems to have a quiet big knowledge about using social media for his advantage.


He knows exactly how to trigger emotions of masses. There are videos of him, hugging and crying together with a yung man publicly Infront of thousands after his elections. There is a video of him with a running chainsaw on a car.. What he does is on the line between entertaining and cringing to hell.


But now after his election it's time for him to proof. Either that he is just a politician like everyone else and corrupted or that he will try to bring Argentina back to working economy and money system. 



Argentina went through very painful years. The historically high inflation became a hyperinflation in the past three years. Supermarkets are forced to change their prices a few times a day and the whole financial system is going down hill as the currency is, too.



Miles ideas to get control about that contains two different strategies. He would like to get rid of the argentinian pesos and implement payments with U.S Dollars instead. The stability of the dollar price is much higher and would not crash if a country like Argentina is getting even more corrupted. 

In my option this could be the right first step to get out of their shitty situation.


The second one is implementing payments with so beloved crypto:


He already said on several occasions, that Crypto can help to create a decentralized and uncontrollable way of behaving with money all over the world. This means that he is more then open to this idea and it's not unlikely that crypto adoption could happen also on an institutional scale in Argentina during the coming years.

I will try my best to monitor this evolvement as close as I can and keep you updated as soon as we see what kind of person Miles really is. But before I'm excited to here from you:


What do you think about this guy?

Do you trust him, do you think what he does is sus?

Have a good week all together. Hope to read you soon






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Crypto Scandals
Crypto Scandals

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