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The graphic cards manufacturer Nvidia recently reached their new all time High in stock value on this day Tuesday 22. Of August 2023. In this article I would like to open up about my perspective and my general thoughts about the future of Nvidia.



This week was crazy so far. We started yesterday with top market Analysts setting crazy price targets on the stock. Which pumped by about 8 percent afterwards just to go on with that in the aftermarkets and reaching it's too at 480 dollars right at the opening bell. 

Here are my expectations for the short/middle and long term.




Short term:



The stock is very volatile and has a current valuation of about 1,2 Trillion. Compared to the Numbers of last year this means a P/E Ratio of over 200. That means: Nvidia need to accumulate the revenue of last year 200 times, to accumulate the amount it's worth right now. There are some historical bearish sings which see stocks with that kind of valuation correct heavily if the valuation oversteps 200.

If you own Nvidia stocks, this is might be a good moment to sell some of your positions or even try your luck with a little short position. 

Tomorrow, August 23 2023 will be the next earnings date and Nvidia will open their books to give us an impression if they can keep up with the high expectations.

11 Billion in Sales are forecasted. If they cannot reach this target the stock will most likely correct for a few weeks.



Middle Term:


After a good and healthy correction I see it coming back to today's level pretty fast. Nvidia is the most advance company and the A.I space and nobody is able to compete with them at the moment. Of course this will change for sure at some point but the outlook is pretty positive.



Long Term:



Nvidia could be THE company of the upcoming decades by providing what the future needs. If you are patient: Hold this stock forever .



That's it volks.

Let me know in the comments below what you think. 



For transparency. 

  • I opened up a short position on Nvidia today and nothing here is financial advise.

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Crypto Scandals
Crypto Scandals

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