Don't trust the Bull, yet!

By Domifidsch | Crypto Scandals | 29 Jun 2023

Don't trust the Bull, yet! But why should you?

Hi Volks
Eversince the recent pump in the value of the most Cryptos everyone in now asking the same question:

Is this the beginn of the long awaited bull market already?

And in my opinion. We are maybe already through the worsed but calling this situation right now absolutely bullish is seriously wrong.

One important factor in the rise has been the fact that the interest rates did not get raised, other then expected.
Another one is growing trust into crypto in general, after ftx and other collapses caused may people to take their money and leave.

Finally it seems like people are getting ready to start the new wave

But the high volatility in the market suggests that some hard crashes could be still on the horizon, before we really start to take off again.


Nothing here is financial advice so please as always.. DYOR

What do you think? How much percent of your money is currently invested into crypto?

Have a good week and stake



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Crypto Scandals
Crypto Scandals

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