STAKING: StackOfStake Staking Report
Stackofstake is perhaps the easiest online staking platform. Stake and earn on most promising new cryptocurrencies.

STAKING: StackOfStake Staking Report

By msimyunn | crypto saving | 14 Dec 2019


Disclaimer: This may seems unnecessary, but still I am obliged to put this disclaimer, that this post is merely informative and that readers are responsible for their actions with regards to their money. Also, the post contains referral links, and that it is your discretion to give credit where credit is due.




This report is in connection with the previous post I made about StackofStake staking platform. Previously, I introduced that this staking platform and discussed the advantages on this platform. Today, I will discussed how I put on money on the platform and why I chose which coin to put with. But first, I consider myself as a hodler than a day trader. So mostly I get coins for long term keeping.




The Exchange

Most coins supported in StackofStake can be found in, so if you don't have now sign up in this link or go to its own website.


Chosen Coin

For the first venture on the website my initial money is Php2000 roughly $39.52 worth of coin. I choose Dash Diamond (DASHD) because it has the highest ROI at that time. The dash diamonds I was able to buy was 273.9 DASHD. This amount minus the withdrawal fee is then deposited on stackofstake.


Stake Earning

As of this date my staking earning is 42.4685183 DASHD, this is around $3.88 (@$0.0098190) in just about 3 weeks. The average effective rate of interest is 269.5% per annum compounded. This is way above on most of other popular proof-of-stake coins like TRX, XTZ, EOS, among others which earn only 4-15% per annum.






Of all online staking and masternode platform, stackofstake is perhaps the most easiest to use. It is also now available on Google Play and Apple App Store. But the google play requires android 9 or higher specs. But you can still download with custom build I made at gonative website. Thank you. Happy staking.


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