How to Earn Hi Dollars- Easy Guide

By dhenriquesf | Crypto Sailor | 20 Nov 2021


Hi Dollar is a new crypto, released on the 1st of August of 2021. To create greater awareness they are giving away coins. One Hi Dollar a day can be earned by answering a simple question. There is no need to register or deposit anything, just have Telegram or Whatsapp installed to get started. It takes 10 seconds. Then at any time we can complete the KYC process (within one year). Rewards are blocked for one year but with a bit of luck, these 1.06*365=386$ dollars, a year from now, will be worth a bit more, without taking any risks.




After this period, it can be transferred to other portfolios where you can stake (pay 40% per year).
As they are already listed on Pancakeswap, it will be easy and cheap to transfer to BNB in Binance, and from there withdraw or convert to another crypto.

When you refer a friend, by answering a question we get a 0.5 Hi Dollar bonus, so if you want to help me I leave the link:

To register:

1- Open this link on a smartphone with Telegram or Whatsapp:

2- Select Your language

3- Select "Free subscription with Telegram" or WhatsApp, a bot will start

4- Choose Your language

5- Choose a user name

6- Answer a question (in my case it was how I found out about the project, probably it is the same for everyone and all the questions are simple as this one) and the first crypto is won. From here we can request a new bonus every day, the question is not sent automatically, so it's a good idea to set a daily alarm on your mobile phone so as not to be forgotten.



Please consider using my links to help

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Hi Dollars Register Link With Hi Dollars, users have the opportunity to earn daily free cryptocurrency just by answering simple questions.

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