SnapBots Staking Program - The Highest ROI Up To 50%, will be launches 7th Sept 2020.

SnapBots Staking Program - The Highest ROI Up To 50%.

By Cryptonesia | Cryptonesia | 2 Sep 2020




  • What Is Staking?

Staking is a term you have probably heard mentioned at one point or another. Based on whether you are a prospective node operator, or simply a token or coin holder, staking can mean different things. For a node operator, staking involves depositing tokens in order to gain the privilege of mining and earning mining rewards. For a token holder, staking is about depositing tokens into a wallet, and earning rewards from it. SnapBots staking program will be launching soon.


SnapBots offers digital assets wallet service where users can hold different digital assets to receive trading rewards with their minimum deposit.
SnapBots also provides digital assets wallet with a staking plan. The purpose of staking is to verify the transactions and maximize the trading performance of the strategies that are performed by the bots. Each strategy can be run by a bot or a group of bots. All strategies have their Staking Rewards Structure (SRS). Thus, our community users can have different SRS in different cryptocurrency and holding periods (“Staking Period”), which may include strategies such as no-stake, Cradle, Ayers, Silk (“Strat”). Each Strat you establish will be separate from each Staked plan you establish and will hold only one type of cryptocurrency and one fixed period. In that way, the interest calculation for each of these Strategies will be done separately based on the cryptocurrency in the specific staking period. You can also choose not to stake your cryptocurrency to get lowest rewards rate. You may have multiple active Strategies at a given time. SnapBots staking program will be launches 7th Sept 2020.

  • The Longer You Stake, The More Rewards Received




The rate of return for staking depends upon how long you plan to lock-up your funds for. The annualized ROI ranges from around 8.4% to 50%. When you choose CRADLE lock-up the ROI is around 8.4% to 30% , when you choose a AYERS lock-up the ROI is 8.4% to 40.8% and if you choose SILK lock-up the ROI is around 8.4% to 50.4%. Of course, the rewards are also proportional to amount of fund you staked. What's CRADLE, AYERS, SILK ? Please Click Here.

To participate in Staking Program you need to create SnapBots Wallet And Account. Create Here . Snapbots Staking Program is supported by major coins such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT.

If you need more imformation you can join SnapBots Community In Telegram




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Blockchain Adoption Isn’t A Future It’s Present


Blockchain Adoption Isn’t A Future It’s Present

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