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On 24th of March FalconSwap conducted an AMA in Crypto Revolution Community. Our guests were Tim and Eric, Co-Founders! FalconSwap is one of the TOP Crypto Revolution Projecst for 2021! They are featured on our Website as well: https://crypto-revolution.io/project/falconswap/

Let’s take a look at most interesting points from our Conversation!



Danny | Crypto Revolution: Welcome Eric! Happy to have you with us today 😁

Eric | FalconSwap: Thanks for inviting me here Danny! Happy to join you for AMA!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: People love you. Still 😅😅

Eric | FalconSwap: Haha 😅 They know I was away preparing for something exciting!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Noiceee 😁😁
Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how did you get involved into Crypto? 😃 ( BTW this is 2nd FalconSwap AMA here boys)

Eric | FalconSwap: Sure, I am co-founder of FalconSwap — A layer 2 protocol which has a lot of innovative products and services. I have been in crypto for many years now and started my career as blockchain developer and worked with multiple companies and exchanges and built innovative products before starting FalconSwap last year.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Nice. Great Background 😁
Could you please introduce FalconSwap in Layman’s term to the Community?

Eric | FalconSwap: FalconSwap is a layer 2 solution built on Ethereum and soon to be released on other chains like BSC. FalconSwap exchange collects all the orders in layer 2 and aggregate them before sending them all to underlying AMM pools like Uniswap etc. This saves both gas fees and slippage for traders. We then ventured into Token pool and created gasless token pools for conducting tokensale for projects. Now there are more services being planned to be released with our V2.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks Eric. That was lovely. Let’s start with hot Questions. What is your take on the uniswap v3 article? (https://uniswap.org/blog/uniswap-v3/ )

Eric | FalconSwap: We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Uniswap V3 and how this will be a magic pill to solve all the issues which was too much expectations from it. They are doing some interesting things when it comes to LP but the relevance of FalconSwap operating on it has not changed a bit.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Got it. Hah. Love your answer on this one. There is no Magic Pills Chat. 😀 If Uni V3 reduces gas fee, technically FalconSwap V2 should further reduce gas fee, right?

Eric | FalconSwap: Yes! And that’s a good thing
It will be good if they can reduce some gas fees and give some momentary relief but we already have a solution to reduce it even further.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Noiceee. I know FalconSwap will play the game really well 😉 Okay I think we all ready for the Question FalconSwap Community want me to ask now! Lol 😂😂

Eric | FalconSwap: All set!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Very simple question! When V2?

Eric | FalconSwap: Very good questions, Next week we will launch the V2 contract and start releasing our services!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Awesome!

Eric | FalconSwap: We have a new service which I will share later and we will launch with that first!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Man. Your Community is rocking. I never seen such an Excitement. 😁

What marketing will be available on launch given FSW depends on significant tx volume of trades for each token pair to gain savings via the aggregation method?

Eric | FalconSwap: The first step for getting to many users and get them to keep their funds in the contract is to add more use cases and services and this is where we will be moving towards.
Plus, we have many promotions planned jointly with projects to get much needed audience and users to generate enough trades to aggregate.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Awesome. Keep up the good work guys
What’s going on with Tim. Seems he is not very active likely. Hopefully is all good! For the Chat Tim is the another Co-Founder of FalconSwap

Eric | FalconSwap: Yes all good, he has been involved in the development too!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: All pairs tradeable next week?
Booooom! Welcome Tim! 😁😁😁😁

Tim | FalconSwap: Hey Danny! Great to be here!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Hey Tim. Welcome man 😁

Tim | FalconSwap: Not all, but we will add many

Danny |Crypto Revolution: Okay now we are completed. The magic 3 😁😁 Me, Eric and Tim

Eric | FalconSwap: We are all here now!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: FalconSwap v2 will support all token pairs available on PancakeSwap? How will this work for the BSC network?

Tim | FalconSwap: This is special AMA, couldn’t have missed this!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeah man. It it. I’m sure we will have many more here 😁 You guys got this one 😀

Eric | FalconSwap: Most of the BNB pairs on pancake swap.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks Eric!


Q1 from @naomiama4

When is the external audit of FalconSwap v2 scheduled to start? Will there be a test launch, or is it planned to launch with several pairs of tokens at once?

Eric | FalconSwap: The external audit will start within 2 days and we expect to launch early next week. We have been testing this extensively and this will launched directly on mainnet with multiple pairs.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Perfect. We all looking forward for it 🙌
Will you create a roadmap for future releases? How will you continue to improve Falconswap once V2 is live? Will there be a significant increase in IDO management and will we start having IDOs on BSC? 3 in 1 Eric. Lol

Eric | FalconSwap: There will be a roadmap for what all are the products coming in the future but as you know that we have been adding more products in the ecosystem than we initially planned, it’s not possible to provide what we will be working on after 6 months.
V2 contract has factored in multiple services that we plan to launch on the foreseeable future, if needed we will work on next version with time.
We plan to create permissionless tokenpools on FalconPool as well besides our featured pools. These are always the trick questions, trying to get the maximum answers in 1 question.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Hah. Yeap 😅

Tim | FalconSwap: Our community knows how to aggregate questions 😂

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Lol. Agree here 😁
What’s the new service you are going to launch first?

Eric | FalconSwap: Will answer it soon, Tim is preparing to tweet about that and we will share it here first and then twitter!

Q2 from @ZamoraJoana

What are the core differences between FalconSwap and UNISWAP? Which are your “personalized touches”?

Eric | FalconSwap:Uniswap has an AMM pool, FalconSwap doesn’t Uniswap does not agreegate order, FalconSwap does. FalconSwap is built to save gas.
FalconSwap is an aggregator which can aggregate liquidity from multiple AMM pools like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer etc.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeah. FalconSwap is 100× better than UNI boys. Soon all of you will release this!!!

Q3 from @TheShadowJK_1

We are in the presence of a BOOM of layer 2 projects in the ETH network. What improvements has the adoption of this type of technology within FalconSwap brought? Why become a layer 2 project to ameliorate the problems ETH has instead of migrating to BSC or Polkadot?

Eric | FalconSwap: Firstly FalconSwap can operate on multiple chains, not just ETH. About migrating to other chains, that’s for people to decide what they want to use, other chains that are faster may use different consensus mechanism which some people may like or some may not. As a protocol, we are building protocol that can operate on any chain where users trade.
Can not say about other layer 2 projects as I don’t know what you are referring to but FalconSwap is a layer 2 solution not blockchain which means we still give the security of the main chain.


Q1 from thalathildineshann

Do you plan to attract more developers?
Also, I still have a feeling that you are missing developers right now.
There are still too few of them. Loopring and ZKSwap have about 10–20 full-time developers. In all the projects I know of this scale, about 10+ developers are involved.

Eric | FalconSwap: We have never slowed down because of lack of developers. In about 6 months we are launched V1 and FalconPool and we are preparing to launch V2 and new services along with staking. Yes more developers are better but not always, we plan to expand our development team too but that has never been a roadblock. Even with a development team of 4, we have been delivering a lot.
Uniswap took 1 year from V2 to V3, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have access to developers but it means that they spend time on research too which you can’t scale simply by adding more developers

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Great answer here 👍👏
I’ve been following FalconSwap closely since the first AMA here and I know the hard work you put IN guys. Well done!

Q2 from MANUKV

When is the next Ido? -How do you plan to move FSW tokens between the ETH and BSC networks? Will the Binance Bridge be used?

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Next IDO is also interesting personally for me 😁😁

Eric | FalconSwap: We will share the details of the next IDO soon, already talking to many projects who are getting ready to launch. We do plan to add liquidity on BSC too and we will share the date and details of that.

Q3 from Brave_Initial_758

Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Eric | FalconSwap: We have launched the governance yet but we plan to launch it after V2. There will be a range of decisions that you will be able to take like changing the fee model, token pairs etc.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Nice 😉 Well thank you for covering all this Questions Eric! You are a Heroe 😅😅


Telegram User:

Please elaborate on staking, is it going live with v2?

Eric | FalconSwap: Staking will go live after the launch of V2, we are working with a partner for this service which we share soon.

Telegram User:

FSW V2 include BNB pairs next week as well, right ?

Eric | FalconSwap: First ETH then we will extend it to BNB, we will roll out services and support for BSC in a phased manner.

Telegram User:

Can you give a little clue when are gonna be launched the final version of the FalconSwap Exchange? Also if i find bugs, where can i report It?

Eric | FalconSwap: We will share the exact details, the rollout of services will start from next week.

Telegram User:

No one can achieve anything valuable on its own, please tell us about your current and future partnerships that will lead you to success in this highly cramped crypto space?

Eric | FalconSwap:We have partnered with many projects and funds which we share from time to time. You can refer to our ann channel for all of them.

Telegram User:

You say that thanks to FalconSwap, users can preserve their intimacy and operate at layer 2 without compromising their privacy. What are the mechanisms and systems that your platform uses to ensure that users’ privacy is fully protected?

Eric | FalconSwap: The address used to sign the transaction and the one that sends the txn to blockchain are different. We have added mechanisms in V2 to make it hard for anyone to decrypt these txns.

Telegram User:

Do you have plans for the development of the NFT direction?

Eric | FalconSwap: We have been working on identifying areas to integrate NFTs to add more utility to the protocol but we do not have immediate plan to launch it. We will share when we are onto something.

Telegram User:

Can you elaborate the staking? How about APY for example?

Eric | FalconSwap: The APY may vary based on multiple factors including the use of platform, a portion of the fees generated will used to buy back tokens for staking distribution. Besides this stakers will receive fees discounts and allocations in IDOs.

Telegram User:

As an early adopter and investor, I find it difficult to approach and evaluate the project in the short term it will take longer to fully understand the approval to evaluate the project should invest or not? So to help me understand, can you tell me what plans are made to increase the value of SUPRA Finance in the near future?

Eric | FalconSwap: We do not have plans to increase the value of SUPRA finance 😜 But we are adding more utilities for FalconSwap token holders.

Telegram User:

Is falconswap ready to take at least 50% of uniswap traffic?

Eric | FalconSwap: We still send orders to Uniswap, so this is not a zero sum game!

Telegram User:

FalconSwap is a big name… Can’t u give the tokens name as small as possible ?

Eric | FalconSwap: Really, Is that too big?

Telegram User:

Will details of the new service be given out later today?
Has FalconSwap got in touch with influencers to help propel FSW into the spotlight?

Eric | FalconSwap: Yes and yes!

Telegram User:

You said many UNI pairs — How many pairs — hundreds? A thousands perhaps? If there is only a few, how will you incorporate the rest fast?

Eric | FalconSwap: Hundreds of them, we can expand the list in almost no time. We just don’t support some special type of tokens to keep the V2 contract gas efficient but most of them will be added here eventually.

Telegram User:

Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project $FALCONSWAP also like this? If not can you tell us, What interesting topic makes your project different from other projects?

Eric | FalconSwap:We have working product with multiple releases.
I think we’ve answered many questions

Tim | FalconSwap:

We are excited to announce the launch of the first on-chain privacy trading protocol on Ethereum and BinanceChain🚀🍾

🦾XPRIVACY👀 by FalconSwap 🚀

🔥Instant Privacy Trades
🔥Multi-chain support
🔥Trading fee discounts to $FSW stakers

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Holly Cow. Send it 😁😁😁😁

Tim | FalconSwap: We have tested out the service. And this is going to be one of a kind service offering privacy trades to users. This will be launched to the public next week.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeah. Looks really dope 💪💪💪
It was really dope and great AMA today. Chat FalconSwap is one of the TOP Crypto Revolution Projects for 2021. I am Investor as well personally so I recommend them. Awesome and solid team!

Eric | FalconSwap: 
Thanks again Danny for inviting us for AMA.
It was amazing to be here and chat with such a vibrant community.
It’s been a pleasure to join the AMA here.

Tim | FalconSwap: You’re a legend Danny!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Oh no. You are legends guys 😀🙂


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