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Base Protocol Updates and News

Honey Badger Announcements So Far Days 1-4:

1. Base Protocol & Unilend to Empower DeFi with Institutional-like Lending Products and Strategies :fire:

Through our collaboration, BASE holders will be able to utilize lending and borrowing functionality on UniLend in an entirely decentralized fashion. This opens up new financial strategies for the community whilst offering a way to hedge against the volatility of crypto.

2. BASE x WallStreetBets

Base Protocol has partnered with WallStreetBets to educate the retail community on BASE, the "S&P 500" of crypto!

We will be directly engaging with the official WallStreetBets Telegram as well as the crypto arm, the SatoshiStreetBets Telegram!

3. Community day!
Throughout the day, we will be releasing updates and opportunities for $BASE holders to earn rewards!

Some of these opportunities are first come, first served.

4. 🦡 Honey Badger Round II Vaults:

1 month BASE Vault.
90% APY 
$50k BASE cap.

12 month BASE Vault.
175% APY 
$30k BASE cap.

1 month UNI BASE LP Vault.
105% APY 
~25k LP limit.

Live now at

5. Base Protocol AMA with SatoshiStreetBets 🗣

$500 in $BASE rewards for the best questions asked!

🗓 Thursday, February 11th
11:00AM CST

6. We are thrilled to announce that Base Protocol is the next Ferrum Network staking project! 

Ferrum is the leading provider of customizable DeFi staking solutions, and we are proud to partner with Ferrum to integrate on their technology 🤝

Learn more about the collaboration:

Other Notes: $50,000 Cascade Splash, Interviews with CryptoWendy & NomadFury, and Marketing Partnership with Crypto Revolution.

All of this in just 4 days so far!

Honey Badger Week 🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡

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