Publis0x Secret Formula: The Recipe for a Successful Blogging Platform

By jedryccc | Crypto Reviews! | 20 Jun 2020

I joined Publish0x May of this year. I started off with tipping other people's write-ups and now I'm making my own blogs. The platform's concept is pretty great and everyone wins. The tipping system is innovative and the use of tokens and stablecoins makes your earnings have value and permanence. This makes the platform truly decentralized and crypto agnostic. When you tip, you and the author get a share. The thing that strikes me is that all tips are FREE. Yes, they come from the rewards pool and this really pulls people in, including me. 


The Publish0x Official Blog says it well

we are a "crypto powered blogging platform", we are not the first but we will be the biggest, and we have a few unique quirks, but first, the most important question; How do you pronounce 0x? Well, actually the 0x is silent, we are Publish!

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice

Publish0x is a blogging platform where one can read about cryptocurrencies and the like. It has the basics, read popular and new articles and you can also become an author. The platform has an application for authorship. What I see from Publish0x is that the write-ups are very conversational and effective in communicating ideas. Authors really have their game up with a great passion for writing and of course that motivation of the sweet tip.

At the time of writing, the platform is still in its beta but they do it so well it's like it almost can't get any better. You have everything you need to read and write. There are also new features being added, too. The bookmark feature was just added recently, alright! Publish0x will continue to innovate and improve overtime and more people will be joining and contributing to this wonderful community.

Anyone can cook!

You might have heard of the line from the movie Ratatouille, "Anyone can cook". It is true that anyone really can cook or make a blogging platform, but now anyone can make great food or a great blogging platform for that matter. The character Anton Ego, initially hating the quote by Gusteau, eventually accepts the quote, saying

Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere.

And a great artist did come, and that artist came from Serbia. Igor Tomić, Publish0x COO cooked up one of the most delicious blogs to be created. What I really like about this community and platform is that it's welcoming and accepting.

I did not think I would be accepted as an author, but after submitting my blog links and what I wanted to write about, I was thrilled to be accepted as an author. It really is an honor to contribute to this community.

I did not realize that the email was sent to me, it shook me to my core to see new buttons on my dashboard.

The great thing about Publish0x is that there is an existing and active community of writers and readers. In the email, I was prompted to join the telegram group for approved authors. I made a Telegram account just to join the group.

What surprised me is that the creator, the cook that carefully spiced things up regularly responded in the group!

You can see here a quick conversation I had with him when the site was a bit slow and I was wondering if the platform ever experienced a DDoS attack, and it did sadly.


The great COO has answered a mere author. It takes great humility and kindness to build this kind of community. If ever there are problems, you can always contact the site's [email protected]

I'm hoping Publish0x continues to grow and bear fruit. Let us smite the DDoS attackers with good articles!

The Secret Ingridient

A cliche, but a true answer nonetheless, love is the secret ingridient. It is what motivates us here on Publish0x. The team created and is making the platform better because they love the platform. We, authors are writing because we appreciate that people read our content and of course, everybody likes the tips they get. The readers love knowing about cryptocurrencies and the like. Everyone in this community loves Publish0x and love makes this platform the yummiest of them all.

Thanks for reading my love letter to Publish0x! 

A fitting quote for our platform especially with the win-win system: Reese Witherspoon says,

You always gain by giving love


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