What is Bittube! (Earn crypto for surfing web)

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 27 Apr 2019

Bittube (Airtime) is an extension which records the time you spend on web and reward you with TUBE coins , so basically it's a way to earn cryptocurrency in TUBE for the time you spend on internet.


Steps to Follow

1.) Install the Extension using the following link



2.) Add to chrome and signup using your email.

3.) Now verify your number (mandatory).

that's it now surf the web and see your tubes grow in realtime, You will see tube coming in your wallet in 3 days.

current price of tube is 738 sat and if you referral others you with get 5Tube that's awesome i guess , the referral reward are paid in 24 hours.

Cheers and have a nice weekend. 

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Crypto Resistance

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