Recommendations for Publish0x

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 27 Apr 2019

Publish0x has gain considerable visibality in crypto space but we all know there's always room for improvements, so here are my suggestions.

1.)Notification icon

When someone comment on your post , you usually receive an email which is cool but it would be great if there's an Notification bar so that it would be easy to see all the alerts right away.


2.)Like or Upvote option

Lot's of content writing platforms has an option of upvote and if publish0x implement the upvote or like option then it would help platform to grow more like people will upvote the posts and as a reward would earn tokens.


3.)Copyright Mechanism

There should be mechanism which prevent others to copy the contents from publish0x and post it on other platforms , people here put lots of effert to create a content here.

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Crypto Resistance
Crypto Resistance

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