LTO Network Explained

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 4 Dec 2020

LTO Network is a Hybrid blockchain known to provide services to Business Enterprise Organizations. Some of the services ranging from providing Business Identification to peer to peer data exchange.


LTO Network Specifications

  • LTO Network Consensus algorithm is  Proof of Stake(POS).
  • APY is around 10% with reward frequency of 7 days.
  • Circulation supply is 270,905,198 LTO and total supply is 403,392,469 LTO.
  • LTO has an average block time of 60 Sec 
  • TPS of LTO Network is 104tx/sec
  • LTO bridge is also available to switch between ERC-20 and BNB chain.



LTO Network is business oriented blockchain solution providing the realistic use cases making it the most suitable option for Automation and digital identity.

1. Inspection reports on Blockchain (Capptions)

Data entry is very important in any organization and any slight mistake  can lead to the big issues , to mitigate with tempering of data LTO provides the solution, enables the organizations to get the immutable reports. 

2. Digital Signatures on Blockchain

LTO Network assures that the documents are not being tempered with cryptographic proof that cannot be tempered, it provides the proof of time and date the documents was signed on blockchain.

3. Notary procedures on Blockchain (Firm24)

Notary procedures heavily rely on paper based processes. LTO Network makes incorporation procedures more efficient by sharing data efficiently and secure.

4. Artwork Authenticity on Blockchain (V-ID)

Artwork is a billion dollar industry LTO Network helps artists protect their art using blockchain 

5. Legal Contracts on Blockchain

Legal contract can be signed between two parties thanks to the LTO fully negotiated and executed contract that can also get hashed on blockchain.

6. Smart QR-codes on Blockchain

Enabling brands with smart packaging solutions for product authentication, supply chain traceability using blockchain technology of LTO Network.


LTO has partnerships and clients from many top organizations. One of the partnership that created a lot of buzz is UN Partnership , LTO Network became the first Blockchain project to have a United Nations .LTO network is Working with UN for Land Registry in Afghanistan.

Some of the other major Partners list is as following

  • CMS
  • IBM
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Dutch Blockchain Coalition

  • The Hague University

  • Certik

  • Byld

  • Mousebelt

  • 15000V

  • Unchain

  • Litebit
  • Ankr

Why LTO Network

LTO has some much potential and more and more organizations are using LTO Network and now the partnership with UN has opened the new doors for LTO. It's not the end of the road it's just the tip of the iceberg. LTO team has announced that some more exciting news are coming within few weeks. The UN Partnership is huge and it has attracted many new clients and organizations.


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