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By hashin | Crypto Research | 14 Jun 2019

The outstanding feature which stands blockchain platforms out from centralized platforms is decentralization. Decentralization was made possible by the first generation of blockchain technology which is Bitcoin, through this way, users' data is safeguarded from all manners of manipulations, in addition to this is transaction ledger where users have the opportunity to deal with each other on a peer-to-peer basis with no presence of Intermediaries thus resulting in a cost-effective transaction.
Followed closely by decentralization is Smart Contracts which was introduced by Ethereum blockchain thus making it possible for all kinds of blockchain transactions to take place as efficient as possible with no point of failure.
These amazing features of blockchain technology have made it the trending technology in the world today as all transactions take place on a peer-to-peer system, all transactions details are limited to transacting parties and all transactions are transparent.

As prior expressed, cryptocurrency has profited between people quicker transactions, less expensive and secure than banks, yet there exist a huge gap between cryptocurrency and fiat consequently making it hard for borrowers and lenders inside the two systems to correlate.
Thus the main reason why we need a blockchain-based platform which can bridge this huge gap, a blockchain platform like VIAZ.

The Issue VIAZ Aims To Solve In Current Systems

In the current centralized financial systems, in this case, banks, the administrations and services offered haven't been that well disposed of extending from debt financing to other cash related exchanges. Acquiring or borrowing cash from the banks isn't simple by any stretch of the imagination, as it requires long procedures considering financial assessments, work history and so on, in all adding up to an extremely protracted process which may not favour the person. Indeed, even in situations where the person is granted the loan, the banks still use a procedure known as amortization to keep the individual in check.


Another basic point to put into thought is that banks don't acknowledge cryptocurrency as collateral, which has ended up opening new ways for blockchain platforms for this situation VIAZ.
High wire exchange charges is another issues as in many nations like Canada and USA, it as high as $40.
In addition, the issue of high draft, cheque and money order charges has turned out to be threatening for independent and small ventures as this drafts, money order and/or cheques are kept on a five day least or minimum hold.


VIAZ expects to unite or bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers inside the fiat and cryptocurrency platforms by means of the utilization of its decentralized application (DApp) which is based on TEZOS blockchain.

VIAZ is a blockchain platform which will utilize smart contracts in order to do exchanges or transactions quicker, proficient and less expensive. At the point when contrasted and compared with centralized systems, VIAZ shows that borrowers stay in a direct relationship with potential lenders, along these lines making it feasible for borrowing, lending and transfers to takes place from anyplace on the planet.


In a bid to solve issues associated with current systems, VIAZ guarantees its users have access to a more cheaper and secure service which is achieved with Tezos blockchain, through which VIAZ DApp will be founded on. Also, VIAZ will illuminate the issue of collaterals with capital necessities using blockchain technology.

In the same way, since VIAZ will be founded on blockchain, that is to say, it will be decentralized thusly making it workable for its crypto and fiat users to execute deals productively through offering them worldwide services of lenders and borrowers which can be compared to that offered by banks; but with VIAZ, users will carry out their services or transaction with cell phones or PC.



  1. Security: This setup works together with the other partner called Tezos-blockchain so that all records are safe and protected. Everyone within the exchange-system will then have there activities on a safe hands. It also make sure that absolute security is granted for those that will be engaging in fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange, so that they will be able to safely store their money or resources without having to worry.

  2. No Taxes: The absence of law makers interruptions will make the act of borrowing less expensive in such a way that the borrowers can easily get loans anytime they desires.

  3. Hazard Free: it is mandatory that all borrowers will have to vow before they actually get the access to obtain a loan. With this, the loaners will be given the assurance that their resources will not be a waste.

  4. No Fees: the members will be given the ability to make necessary activities such as transactions and more without having to make deposit before all these are done.

  5. Availability: in order for the members to have access to the services of this platform, knowing that loaning frameworks will definitely attractive many users to the setup and therefore, viaz will provide a lasting and efficient iOS and android app for the proper access of the participants. The app will be available for free without cost to the members.


The VIAZ debit card can be used globally and will be allotted to all borrowers using the VIAZ platform thereby giving them the access to optionally choose a daily or monthly limits. The traditional debit card is controlled by a third party buts the VIAZ debit card is controlled by its users. Therefore, a user can personally disconnect the card from the VIAZ network in case of card theft or misplacement of a card.


Users will be automatically given cryptocurrency and fiat currency wallet upon registration on the VIAZ platform thereby giving users the autonomy control over their portfolio. Users can make a transfer of funds (digital assets or cryptocurrency) from their VIAZ wallet on or off the VIAZ network. Users can autonomously manage their portfolio.


The VIAZ decentralized app will be available for download on Android and iOS mobile users. The VIAZ dApp will be free for all registered users and they will be able to virtually transfer cryptocurrency at ease.

Screenshot_2019-02-06-07-56-38.jpgVIAZ TOKEN

The VIAZ platform created a native utility token called VIAZ token that will serve as a means for all services across the platform. VIAZ is minted on the Tezos blockchain will a total supply of 1.5billion. The token will be used as collateral, rewards, and service fees (presently 1% per year). The service fee will be split into three segments; one part will be burned, the other will be used for the platform maintenance and development, and the third part for monthly airdrop to holders of VIAZ token.








SOFT CAP: $5,000,000

HARD CAP: $30,000,000

VIAZ TOKEN FOR SALE: 525,000,000



IEO: on P2PB2B Exchange



VIAZ demonstrates its uniqueness in relation to centralized systems by not charging for sign-up, hidden fees or monthly maintenance charges, unlike its counterparts. Be that as it may, so as to keep up the platform, VIAZ will charge a little level of interest, which is paid with its token.
VIAZ is an exceptional blockchain-based platform with the objective of solving issues confronting borrowers and lenders by means of the utilization of its DApp, thereby interfacing cryptocurrency, value (equity) and fiat.





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