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XRP Winning The Battle.

By Amjadwaince | Crypto & metaverse | 4 Feb 2023

Ripple labs , the  developers of XRP Crypto currency , are in conflict with United States securities (SEC) On its sales of XRP in 2013. Ripple labs sold XRP in early years sum of millions as a security on what SEC allegated that it was illegal activity.

The case filed in court since 2020 where ripple labs faced tough time on these allegations but on court's ruling ripple admits to launch machine readable algorithm for XRP. 

Ripple labs announced to applied the machine algorithm since December last year which giving hope of favour. The next hearing will be on end of this month and lawyers are in full confidence to get verdict in the favour of ripple labs.



Ripple CEO also confident about this case and lot of times especially since 15th January on last hearing. Because ripple labs fulfill the demand of court for machine algorithm. 


If the decision of court comes in favour of XRP which is mostly expected, the boost in price of token also expected as well. It can possibly touch it's glory of April 2021 when reached almost $2. 

Let's see on February 28 what comes out from verdict but most of experts looking XRP bullish soon prior to hearing. 




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Crypto & metaverse
Crypto & metaverse

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