What is happening to Ethereum.

By Amjadwaince | Crypto & metaverse | 2 Feb 2023

Second largest Piller of Crypto verse is Ethereum and it looks that some thing great happening with it . Are whales back from vacations? 



If we look at last some hours, huge buying seen which is almost $1 billions ( 7000 BTC) of Ethereum in a day which is not a normal number. It indicates that in coming days if finance department of USA announced the interest rate little lower or equivalent to previous, the trend of buying will pump more.


The resistance of $1700 already broken twice in a day and investors aiming at $1750 or more to adopt. 

We can assume from current trend that the bull run is on door step. Still we are suffering Russia Ukraine war and USA China mistrust otherwise the scenery is perfect for another Crypto to Moon status. 

What you think about it ? Let us know in comments.


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Crypto & metaverse
Crypto & metaverse

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