Litecoin will improve privacy in 2019

Litecoin will improve privacy in 2019

By Menda | Crypto-related | 30 Jan 2019

Charlie Lee announced the addition of Confidential Transactions

As more and more coins keep appearing on the markets, the succesfull existing ones must improve and evolve in order to keep its usability and adaptability. 

Yesterday Chalie Lee announced on Twitter that the addition of private transacions in on the works for LTC and it will be added sometime in ths year (Tweet). It is emphasizing the fungibility and privacy ad key points for mass adoption of the cryptocurrecnies. 

The team made a public poll to know what the people think about this and it seems like it's a well recieved change and it could be implemented with a simple soft fork later on. 


The use of privacy coins such as Monero, ZCash, DASH, Komodo, etc... Is been increasing on the last years and a lot of people want this anonymity due to the recent government taxation and tacking of crypto funds. This could be a great inflection point in Litecoin's history and adoption. 

Also, lately a lot of new privacy coins are being developed and announced, most of them are related to TurtleCoin (TRTL) and this new projects seem like they are getting a huge amount of users and supporters. For me is amazing what a small team or even a single person can achieve in the crypto world, making decent coins with clear uses and functionalities. 

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