Stuck transaction on Metamask/Brave wallet

Stuck transaction on Metamask/Brave wallet

By DragoNate | Crypto Related Stuffs | 10 Dec 2019

Quite a few times lately when making transactions with my Metamask/Brave wallet, the transaction becomes stuck. This usually happens with some NFT games, like CryptoAtoms. The gas price automatically comes up as 0 & units is empty. When this happens, it becomes impossible to confirm or reject the transaction without causing it to load forever. Logging out of my wallet, then back in does NOT fix the issue as the transaction automatically pops up & since rejecting & confirming both get stuck, I cannot interact with my wallet, period.

Stuck transaction on Metamask

There are a couple ways that may fix this issue. The first way is to initiate another transaction. I do NOT recommend this & here's why:
-You have to pay gas fee for it (net loss)
-If the 2nd transaction becomes stuck, the issue is not fixed
-You may not need or want to make another transaction
-There are no guarantees this will fix the present issue

The second way to fix this, which is the way that has worked for me every time so far, is to fully log out of your wallet, likely by closing your browser. When you go to log back in, change to a test/different network first.

Change Ethereum network

Now you can log in. Once it loads, change back to the main network & click on the left where the transaction will be shown. There should be a transaction showing (likely in the main ETH part of your wallet) that says "unapproved" in a grey box.

Unapproved transaction

Click on the transaction & then wait a few seconds until the window fully loads before clicking reject. At this point, it should reject the transaction without any further problems.


There you go! If the transaction starts loading infinitely again & becomes stuck, repeat the steps, but be quick once you log back in to your wallet. If you have more than one stuck transaction like this, you will unfortunately need to repeat the process for each transaction. In my experience, second stuck transactions become stuck even if I fix the first.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!



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