Easily trade tokens from Metamask WITHOUT sending them anywhere first
Metamask & MyEtherWallet

Easily trade tokens from Metamask WITHOUT sending them anywhere first

By DragoNate | Crypto Related Stuffs | 11 Dec 2019

As per my previous post about stuck transactions, I know that Metamask isn't the most user friendly ETH & token wallet out there. However, many people use it, including myself & probably many more will in the future.

If you like to store your ERC tokens in Metamask, you may want an easier way to trade them out for ETH or other tokens. One way you could do this is by transferring your tokens to an exchange where they can be traded. Sadly, this costs gas & the exchange likely charges fees to withdraw. Time is also a factor because you must wait for the tokens to be sent, then traded, then withdrawn. It takes too long & can be a real pain. To trade them more quickly & easily without needing to send them out anywhere, you can simply use MyEtherWallet. You can head over to https://www.myetherwallet.com/access-my-wallet & click the "Browser Extension" button.

My Ether Wallet access my wallet

Click "accept" then access. Once connected to Metamask, click on "swap" on the left side. Here, you can search for a token you wish to trade & what you wish to trade it for. In my case, I was looking for a place to trade CND if I so chose to do so in the future. The only exchange I found (or easiest to access, rather) for CND was Binance, but again, fees & everything. MyEtherWallet allows me to exchange my CND for DAI, ETH, or many other coins/tokens.

Swap tokens on My Ether Wallet

Unfortunately, you many not be able to swap tokens for anything else, but you could swap multiple times if you so choose. For example, I wish to trade my CND for BTC, but I cannot do that directly, so I could swap my CND for ETH or DAI then swap that for BTC. Still quite easy/

There you go. No exchange needed, no KYC, no gas fees (as far as I know) and not so much waiting around for sending tokens all over. Hope that helps someone!


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