Passive Crypto Income . Top 3 PAYING programs

Passive Crypto Income . Top 3 PAYING programs

By unicorngirl | Crypto-related posts | 15 Jan 2020

If you are looking for passive income, I am listing my top 3 picks (in no particular order). These programs aren't just my top 3 because of earnings, but every program listed  has been online and paying for at least a year. Let's get started

1. Diversity Fund club.    This one has been paying for over 3 years. The concept is simple, you purchase a profit/ad pack for $25   to start. Funds are pooled and put into offsite programs, mining, betting and others. You can see their portfolio on the website .  Funds are coming from outside sources, not new members paying in. Payout threshold is only $10

Pro tip: They have directory ads which pay you a small amount to click them. If you click them everyday the earnings add up and can make compounding  or withdrawing faster.


2. My Passive Trades. This one has a low starting deposit of only $5. Profits are paid from trading and trading proof is done on Facebook and sometimes on Youtube. This one has been paying since 2019. 


3. Better Bits. You can start here for only $10. This site works a lot like DFC, wherein funds are pooled and put into other programs. This one pays out the least but earnings are consistent and they have been paying for around 2 years.  They also have 1 cent click ads that reset once a week.

None of these programs require you to recruit other people in order to earn. 











Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links, If you join and make purchases I may receive a commission. This post is not financial advice. I am not an owner or employee of any of the above mentioned sites.There is no such thing as a risk- free opportunity. If you decide to join any or all of these programs, you do so at your own risk.



Crypto-related posts
Crypto-related posts

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