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Dtube mainnet postponed until July 1st

By unicorngirl | Crypto-related posts | 28 Apr 2020

It seems it has taken forever for dtube to launch on the main net. Two years now I think.  They have just announced that they are postponing the date from May 10th to July 1st.


This is very disappointing to those of us who have been waiting a very long time; and also those of us who purchased DTC thinking that things will launch as promised, essentially losing a few months of potential income. In the grand scheme of things another couple of months is no big deal, but it really sucks for us content creators.


I haven't been active on dtube much and just recently created what will be my main channel. It is really frustrating a s a creator. Dtube already reset everyone's account once.  We lost all subs views etc and had to create new accounts. These new accounts are also only temporary and aren't earning real coins (not earning  real dtc ).   Unless you have purchased dtc or are lucky enough to get the airdrop, your testnet account will disappear once mainnet launches . This is why I haven't been spending time building up the platform until the launch. It's a bit of a mess right now.


That said I am very much looking forward to the dtube launch. It's just really disappointing and has a huge effect on my  and many other member's short term plans. Hopefully this postponement will mean when it finally  launches things will run smoothly and it will all work out in the end. :)

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Crypto-related posts
Crypto-related posts

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