Crypto on a Budget The road to 1 million 2x2 coins first milestone reached!

By unicorngirl | Crypto-related posts | 24 Apr 2020

Two announcements

1. Once dtube goes on the main net (may 10) this will officially be the primary channel for this content. I will still post on Youtube but as most of us know YT hates crypto  and I am sure that channel will be taken down at some point. Not a problem on dtube though.  I will blog more about that in another post


2. I have reached to first milestone of acquiring 10k 2x2 coins. Well more accurately once I buy the last 1000 which I will in the next day or so I will have met that goal.

The next milestone is 100k coins  :)


You can get free 2x2 coins and automatically stake them at these two websites







Disclaimer. Any links contained here  are affiliate links. I may earn from your activity even on the free websites. This is not financial advice. If you choose to take any action you do so at your own risk


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Crypto-related posts
Crypto-related posts

This is where I will be writing on various Crypto coins and startegies.

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