How to buy a fraction of real estate on Lofty

By Justin Taylor | Crypto Real Estate | 5 Sep 2023

Lofty is one of the best places on the internet where you can invest in fractional real estate. Let's take a look at how to start and buy your first piece of real estate!


First you need to register. When you use this link you will receive $20 for free! Download the app and fill in the required information. The registration process will be very easy.


To start investing you have to visit the marketplace. Let's look at this house as an example: 1380 Kimball Cv in Memphis. It says you can buy one token (that is one share) for $37. But when you click on 'View Order Book' you can see that people place 'buy orders'. In this case someone did a buy order of $16. This is way too low, but you could try to do a buy order for $30 or even $25 for example. If a seller agrees, you will have the token for a very low price. By the way, later you can sell it again for a higher price, so you can also earn by buying and selling tokens!


When you have entered the price you want to offer, you have to fill in the payment currency (USDC or Algo, or a credit card for paying in dollars) and how many tokens you want to buy. When you have filled in the form you just have to wait (max 30 days) for a seller to agree with your order. If you don't want to wait, you can of course buy immediately at the starting price. That's it. Once bought, you have your first real estate token. That means that you officially own a part of a house in the USA! Sooner or later you start to receive rent too (the Rental Yield for 130 Kimball Cv in Memphis is 0% at the moment, but the Projected Yield is 7.42%, which sooner or later will be paid out).

Interested? Then use this link to start with $20 for free! Thanks and let me know in the comments how you experienced your first real estate token buying!

Happy investing!

Justin Taylor

Blog: Crypto Real Estate


This is not financial advice. I am not a professional financial advisor nor am I a Real Estate agent.
I just want to share great crypto opportunities with you. So always do your own research!
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Crypto Real Estate
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