The 2019 CQF Bitcoin Code Cracking Challenge and Random Giveaway

The 2019 CQF Bitcoin Code Cracking Challenge and Random Giveaway

Welcome to the 2019 CQF Bitcoin Code Cracking Challenge and Random Giveaway supported by Delta Exchange.


Imagine you are trying to capture a spy that is receiving funds from their handler through a secret code in a YouTube channel. You want to identify how they are moving money in order to bring down the entire operation. Your job: crack the code

A secret passphrase has been hidden in the Crypto Quantamental YouTube channel. CQF will be posting clues all throughout the year to help you solve the code (see the bottom of this post). If you crack this passphrase you’ll get access to this wallet: 19WQ2RMuM6tC98CGxJUgSK8BgFHytKdLdE


Right now, the wallet has about 1 bitcoin in it. 


Non-code breakers will still have 10 chances at winning 25% of the wallet balance through random draws in 2019! (20% to 25% boost starting on 3/14/19!)



The ultimate goal of this challenge is to spread education to people through the CQF YouTube videos. Those videos include education on financial markets, technical analysis, risk management, foundational concepts, and much more! This challenge is designed so both code breakers and non code-breakers can participate and potentially learn something new!

If the code is not cracked by December 31, 2019 CQF will simply reveal the entire cipher. Then it is a race to see who can solve it first!

How to win up to 25% of the wallet in one of the 10 random drawings


    Optional (Do only what you want!)

  • 5.0% for signing up on Delta Exchange AND depositing $50 using the link below (HUGE BOOST)
    • Click here for Delta Exchange
    • You will get a free deposit match, a 15% free fee reduction, and lastly you get paid for limits orders!
    • 100x BTC, plus brand new BNB futures (and ETH, XLM and XRP)
  • 1.0% for following Delta Exchange on Twitter (new on 3/14/19)
  • 1.0% for retweeting this Delta Exchange tweet (new on 3/14/19)
  • 0.5% for tagging 3 friends in the CQF tweet you retweeted above (TAKES YOU TWO SECONDS)
  • 1.0% for publicly subscribing to the Crypto Quantamental YouTube channel (SO EASY!)
  • 1.0% for signing up to Binance with this link
  • 1.0% for signing up to KuCoin with this link
  • 3.5% for commenting on the selected Crypto Quantamental YouTube video (additional 1.5% added on 3/14/19)
    • CQF will randomly select a video at the same time as the random draw
    • All videos
  • 0.5% for filling out this Google Form (makes my life easier)
  • 8.5% if you can correctly guess one of the 'phrases' in the secret passphrase (GOOD LUCK!) (additional 1.5% added on 3/14/19)
    • Full case sensitive requirement (space to space)
    • You can either guess via the Google Form or simply tell me your guess if you win a draw

Note: If you are caught lying about any of the above (for example signing up, or subscribing) then you will be immediately disqualified from the draw. The winner must have 10 followers, 10 tweets, and 10 followings in order to help avoid spam accounts. The winner must DM cryptoqf within 24 hours of drawing to claim their winnings (must provide a btc address).  The winner can then guess the part of the secret pass phrase for a 7% winning boost.  The winner must be able to prove all claimed winning boosts such as YouTube subscribing/comments or signing up to the various platforms. All actions to receive a winning boost must have occurred prior to being selected as a winner. The random drawings end if the code is cracked and the wallet funds are claimed.


Three ways to win:

  1. Code crackers: Find the secret passphrase located within the Crypto Quantamental YouTube channel. CQF will be posting clues all throughout the year that will help you crack the code.
  2. Non-Code crackers: There will be 10 random drawings where you can win up to 20% of the BTC found in the wallet. The dates of the drawing will be on or about 3/15/19, 4/15/19, 5/15/19, 6/15/19, 7/15/19, 8/15/19, 9/15/19, 10/15/19, 11/15/19, and 12/30/19. If the code is cracked before a drawing date the drawing will not occur (competition ended).
  3. Everyone: CQF will post (across various platforms) the cipher on 12/31/2019, detailing exactly how to find the secret passphrase. At that point it is simply a race to see who cracks it first!


How to check if your guess at the passphrase is correct:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your passphrase guess, including generic salt
  3. If public key matches the above then make note of the private key
  4. Then go to
  5. Create a wallet
  6. Import the private key for the secret wallet
  7. Transfer the BTC to your account!



Clues for code crackers:

CQF will post clues to help you crack the code. These clues will be found on future YouTube videos.twitter posts, and other platforms.  You will not need all clues in order to crack the passphrase. Some clues will be more obvious than others.  On average there will be multiple clues per week.

Initial Clues (check Twitter and YouTube for other initial clues):

  1. Forget the daily updates
  2. Let's just play
  3. First find the salt!



Interested in Contributing or Sponsoring?

Reach out to @cryptoqf on twitter. Sponsorship opportunities will vary depending on the phase of the competition.  CQF will happily do reviews, interviews, or make your own code cracking challenge etc. for a contribution into the unclaimed wallet.

Feel free to support this educational effort by donating directly into the wallet: 19WQ2RMuM6tC98CGxJUgSK8BgFHytKdLdE



Important Note:

CQF has received no compensation, in either BTC or USD, for this challenge. Future compensation, if any, will be tied to potential referrals and YouTube advertising (so basically none!). At launch date all contributed bitcoin to the unclaimed bitcoin wallet was donated directly by CQF. Any and all contributions to the challenge will go directly into the unclaimed bitcoin wallet. None of this should be considered financial advice or a recommendation to use any service. Please do your own research. Dates and rules are subject to change. Cryptocurrency investing and trading has the risk of major loss, so please consult with your own financial advisor that understands your own personal financial situation.

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