Publish0x DDoSed?


What an odd day. In parallel to the tense situation worldwide, due to ___________ - you fill that, I decided to check some stats on Publish0x.

To my surprise, this is what I found:



A "HTTP Error 503" text message on a website means that the server which receives the request (ours to charge the website and display its content) was not ready not handle it. The most common causes are that the server is down for maintenance or is overloaded

An overloaded website may be a consequence of it being attacked using one trick of the book, the DDoS.

What is a DDoS?

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (or DDoS) is a form of electronic attack involving multiple computers, which send repeated requests - in very high amounts - to a server to load it and render it inaccessible for a period of time. The attackers use many compromised systems are made to attack a single target, in order to swamp server resources and block legitimate users.

When asking to the Publish0x account on Twitter if the website was down, this is what they answered:

Got mixed feelings:

Fear, as many of my original* posts are published and hosted on its end.

Uncertainty, since I didn't thought that this apparently low-traffic website could've be a DDoS objective.

Doubt, like "why would anyone want to DDoS Publish0x"? what do they want to achieve? Deny the people from the chance to learn about crypto tech?

The reflexion:

On my local culture, there's a coloquial phrase that states: "Al árbol de más frutos más piedras le tiran". Traslated: "To the fruitmost tree the most rocks are thrown".

Some of my first readings about crypto were on Publish0x; today, I'm still reading, still learning. My first piece of ETH was earned posting on Publish0x, today, I'm still posting, still earning. The best crypto communities I've known have content posted about on Publish0x.

Still, I should begin to secure my writings by doing proper back-ups on cold, and diversifise my chalkboards by re-posting elsewhere, because even if I love Publish0x, I know that in the future something worse could happen if higher-level security measures are not implemented.

I have started an Introduction to Pentesting (Penetration Testing) course on Platzi, so maybe in the future I can propose and build defense tools to protect this amazing blogging site.

Ps: Maybe the spam-resistance innovation implemented on Nano protocol can be of help. 

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Here are some reference links of projects that may interest you:

  • Odysee is a platform for sharing uncensorable content.
  • RisingStar is a card game hosted on the Hive blockchain with a music career theme.
  • Splinterlands is a card battle game hosted on the Hive blockchain themed around magic and mythology.
  • Vita Inu (VINU) is a meme-token that runs on the Vite blockchain. No commissions, instant and has a puppy as a logo. cool!
  • VitaminCoin (VITC) is a crypto-token that runs on the Vite blockchain. No commissions, instant and incentivizing healthy activities. cool!
  • Presearch (PRE) is a search engine that aims to decentralize information on the internet and our relationship when accessing it.
  • Platzi is a leading platform for online education for the future (careers in English, Crypto, Business and more!)
  • Publish0x is this site where you are reading me. Sign up!
  • Pumpopoly is a real estate simulation game, hosted on the Near blockchain.
  • Brave Browser offers internet browsing without intrusive ads and tracker while rewarding users with Basic Attention Token ($BAT).
  • BitTube is a platform and plug-in similar to YouTube that allows you to generate $TUBE according to the time invested on certain websites.
  • Binance is perhaps the largest of the CEX worldwide. Pools large number of trading pairs.
  • Nanswap is a crypto swap service for Nano, Paw, Banano and +200 coins.
  • CryptoColombia is a learn&earn crypto community hosted on Discord.

That's all for the moment... Read you around! ;)

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