Making my first dollar $1 on Publish0x (Learning and Earning Strategy)

Making My First $1 On Publish0x (Learning and Earning Strategy)


“I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at time. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and lows.”


Greeting Publish0x community.

I am really stoked to be on this platform, the concept is disruptive in many ways.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this website but I’m glad that I did. 


What made me blog on Publish0x?

In late 2017, I got introduced to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by a dear friend of mine, his attempts to succeed in dropshipping ended with a devastating failure, and lost more than $12,000, then he switched to investing in bitcoin and other altcoins. 6 months later, he made over $7000 with an initial investment of $1000 and told me the whole story. I got so excited, but since I am only a student with no income and from a third-world country, I did not have the means to start investing so I convinced a family member to look into this. Fortunately, they agreed and invested $1000 into different altcoins (REQ, XLM, NEO, ELF, LTC, and other small-cap coins). The all-time high of the portfolio reached $4000 and my dreams of buying a Lambo were becoming serious LOL.

Later on, the market crashed and that initial investment was not looking quite good which created some heat with my family member and made me go look for a job while studying to pay him back and keep holding the coins for myself. That was exactly what I did and a heavy burden was dropped from my shoulders.

While the market was bearish, I was not investing and instead focusing on learning other skills. Fast forward, Bitcoin started to move again and this time making a big noise and attracting many people, and it was my call to get back into the crypto space. The reason behind joining and writing on Publish0x is because it gives me the opportunity to learn by reading others' posts and at the same time sharing my own thoughts, so it is a win-win trade.


Why do I like Publish0x?

When you give readers the power to tip writers, only quality bloggers will flourish on this platform and that is my purpose here.


Why is it that how much I make from Publish0x is not relevant?

To be totally honest with you, I read and blog about the topics which could potentially help me succeed in my crypto journey, and writing helps me remember and grasp things fully. So, writing is much more valuable than how much I make here.


See you in the next $10 Earning Report.



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