Decentralized Youtube

Decentralized Video Sharing Platforms (Can You Earn From Your Videos?)


"Being second is to be first of the ones who lose."


The average American spends 20 minutes on Youtube while the average spent time on Youtube globally is 11 minutes. Youtube has become a daily habit for all of us. From a consumer perspective, nothing bad can be said about Youtube except for the privacy issues and censorship. But, from a creator perspective, Youtube has been a pain in the ass lately with its strict channel rules and AdSense guidelines which don't allow small creators to monetize their videos.

Let us look at the common issues Youtube is facing:


  • Strict video monetization policies, just because you have a channel does not mean you are eligible to earn from it
  • Your videos might not be seen due to the unfair algorithm of youtube
  • Support service rarely responds
  • Vague terms and policies
  • Your personal data is collected and used maliciously.



The question is, will a decentralized video sharing platform solve the issues of the classical platforms such as youtube, vimeo, and others concerning censorship and centralization? This is what LBRY is promising us.


What is LBRY?

Before downloading and using LBRY, I looked at it as a decentralized video sharing platform but in fact, it is more of a marketplace that allows you to publish different digital content. Currently, videos are the most shared on the platform.

Is LBRY a protocol or a service?

It's actually both. On one hand, the service enables you to interact with all the digital content available from uploading, hosting, or even purchasing. On the other hand, the protocol serves as the infrastructure on which the platform runs which is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network.

How does content protection work on LBRY?

When you upload or purchase digital content on LBRY, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain which allows original content creators to carry out infringement investigations and actions against the content which is illegally distributed. 

How can I earn money on LBRY?

You can upload your digital content and sell it, you can also have subscribers that pay you in LBRY coin, LBRY does not take any commission, whatever you make is yours, then you can easily trade your LBRY coins to BTC on Bittrex.

what are other blockchain video streaming platforms?


- Dlive

- Bitchute

- Theta

- Verasity

- LivePeer


Final Thoughts:

Blockchain is the future, no one can disagree with that statement. Of course, it will take some time to fully transition to a blockchain-based world but it will happen. Being first is always necessary to get the most exposure possible and this is our opportunity to be the first content creators on LBRY.


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