Lucky Draw to win a TESLA trading BTC

Win TESLA trading Bitcoin |

By CryptoCata | crypto-promotions | 10 Feb 2021

It seems like a good deal to me, is organizing a campaign where 4 lucky users can win one Tesla. Here is a list of Tesla Models that you can win. tesla

In order to win the prize you have to get a app (here) and trade 100$ of $BTC in the app - and then you will be a participant of the campaign, how's that sound? If you are one of the lucky 4 ones, you can choose to get the Tesla Model or the equivalent of it's price in $CRO token.

Let me know in the comments what you'll choose: Tesla Model or $CRO equivalent.

Hope you like this campaign, it started on Tuesday, 9th  of February and it end on Monday, 8th of March.

Have a nice day,

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