Will Publish0x prove to be a Medium killer?

I have been an active blogger for over 10 years now. Over this period I started off by creating small blogs on platforms like blogger and wordpress, then eventually moved on to hosting my own sites. I also wrote on Medium and Steemit before I discovered Publish0x.

I have recently joined Publish0x and am aware that it's quite new in the space compared to it's peers. Based on my experience so far I am personally convinced that it is going to expand a lot in the coming future and just might end up killing most of it's competitors.

Following are the key differentiating factors that in my view give Publish0x the winning edge:

  • Win-Win approach- I think the strategy of splitting the tips between writers and readers is a sure formula for success. Which means both active writers and readers are rewarded. What remains to be seen is whether they will be able to maintain this model once their user base grows substantially which will happen I think within the coming year
  • Crypto backed rewards- I feel Publish0x is already geared for the future by linking to the rewards to several crypto currencies, and all you need to collect these rewards is a working Ethereum wallet. This gives it an edge over other sites which have a complex payout mechanism eg. Medium uses Stripe payments which i found really complex to setup also they ask for several tax declaration forms which make it more cumbersome
  • Frequent reward withdrawals- You have the option to withdraw the rewards even when you have accumulated tokens worth even $0.50, while most platforms have much higher withdrawal limits like $50-100. I remember publishing on several sites where even after years I did not reach the withdrawal limit which can be a major damper. While a $0.50 withdrawal is not going to make you rich unless if you probably live in Zimbabwe or Venezuela, but it sure acts as a moral booster that the rewards on this site are tangible and you don't need to wait an eternity to feel them
  • Quality Crypto News- Icing on the cake is the quality of knowledge you gain here. I have been actively researching about news and info related to crypto currencies and blockchain projects for over a year now and and I used to search Youtube and crypto forums like Reddit for it. It used to be really time consuming as most of the material would be irrelevant rants and chit-chats. The articles I have read so far on Publish0x really contain useful insights on crypto

I plan to post a regular monthly or quarterly update on how my journey fares over the coming months.

If you think I missed any other key feature of Publish0x, do let me know through the comments section.

In case you know any other platform similar or better than Publish0x, I would be really interested to know about it.

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