Why do I keep HODLing my Coins!!

Why do I keep HODLing my Coins!!

Over the last year I have accumulated many tokens through different activities like blogging, writing articles, doing bounties, participating in airdrops and participating in platforms like Publish0x, Bounty0x, Crowdholding and recently Minds and Uptrennd.

I have good amount of tokens like BAT, XLM, YUP, BNTY, HYDRO, HLS and smaller amounts of 20 more tokens.

Whenever I am discussing crypto with my friends the topic usually moves to the point about why I am always HODLing and not selling my coins.

I tell them it's because of my long term preference against short term pleasure. With every token you hold in large amount say 10,000 coins you always have the following scenarios to consider:

  • SCENARIO 1- Sell Now: This means selling your 10,000 tokens for $20- $30 and enjoying your favorite pizza or two.
  • SCENARIO 2- HODL & Loss: This means HODLing your 10,000 coins and watching them crash to 0 value. Yes, you lose the pizza in this case.
  • SCENARIO 3- HODL & Same: Here your token doesn't rise or fall and remains the same. If you want you can buy the pizza now, or HODL even longer.
  • SCENARIO 4- HODL & Gains: Here the token price rises to $10 - $20 and your HODL is worth $100,000 to $200,000. This changes your life as you can buy that luxury car or pay off your house or clear all your debts or whatever you feel like.

I remind my friend I take this theory inspired by the fact that in 2010 a Bitcoin deveoper had received 10,000 BTC and used them to buy 2 Papa John's pizzas. Rest as they is history.

I tell my friend this is the reason you will never see a post from me which reads "Sold my 10,000 tokens for $20, enjoying my pizza. what fun!"

My friends retort "Sam, don't you know most altcoins will crash?"

I reply "I am a very practical person and know that 90% of altcoins will not give gains, but I don't want all of them to give me gains. I just want 1 of them to give gain and I am confident 1 of them will change my life"

Thanks for reading!

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