Mission LBRY – Challenge Accepted!

Mission LBRY – Challenge Accepted!

Couple of weeks back I heard about this new video streaming platform called LBRY (supposed to be short for Library I think). I read mixed reviews as some people were praising it as it offered crypto rewards to video content creators, while others complained about the slow buffer speeds and unattractive user interface. I normally try out any new crypto based platform I hear about to find out for myself if it is worth investing time and effort on. For every good platform I find there are several duds which I stop using after the initial week. Currently I am regularly using only 3 platforms- Publish0x, Uptrennd and Crowdholding. The others I stopped being active as I did not find any traction. I was looking for a 4th platform to get involved with as I have more spare time these days due to the lockdown thanks to COVID19.


My Fear!

Despite being a bit interested I continued to ignore LBRY for several weeks though I kept reading new articles and testimonies by people who seemed to be having a great time on LBRY. This intentional avoidance of LBRY was not due to any personal enmity but due to an old fear (imagine suspenseful music playing in the background).

This fear was due to my past experience with youtube. Long time back I had created a video on Bitcoin and I had dreams of creating a really successful youtube channel. As I started creating that video, I started to realize how complicated it was to make a video and so many things you had to take care of. So many retakes, so much editing required and the whole process was much more time consuming than what I expected. Finally after the video was ready it turned out much different than what I had hoped for (yes, the quality was way worse than my lowest expectations). The video received a total of 6 views over the next 6 months and surprisingly I dropped the whole idea of making any more videos and gave up my dream of getting the youtube button.


First Date with LBRY!

Despite my vow to never make a video ever again in my life my plan changed when I came across the April earning report of Scott Cunningham. He mentioned he made over 60% of his earnings from LBRY which was more than $300. I know Scott had joined LBRY very recently and he has been active on Publish0x for much longer. This made it clear that earning potential of LBRY was real and not a figment of imagination. I was still a bit hesitant as I know the high quality videos Scott churns out regularly and I remember well the first video I made. On a scale of 1 to 10 the gap was more than 20. Anyway I decided to start making videos with a plan of making 1 video per week till the lockdown runs in my city.


First Impression of LBRY!

So I went ahead and uploaded the video I mentioned earlier on LBRY. It has been a couple of days and already have 2 subscribers and 2 views on my video (yeah it’s low but way better start than my youtube story).

What I really liked about LBRY is the Gamification model they have in place. When you give to rewards section you will see new tasks which keep getting updated as you complete the previous ones. They are linked to the videos you upload, subscribers you get, videos you watch etc. I already have made 40 LBC in 3 days.

The best part in my opinion is the approach to rewards content creators and viewers (yeah, very similar to Publish0x). So even if I decide to stop making more videos I will regularly get LBC tokens just for daily watching videos. You get anything between 1 to 100 LBC token each day for watching atleast 1 video. So far the highest I got is 10 a day. Let’s see how it goes. I will keep you posted if this story has a happy ending or ends up similar to my youtube affair.

I would strongly recommend you to try out LBRY. Please feel free to use my referral link.

LBRY Invite - https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Crypto_Sense:1




If you are interested you can watch my first video on LBRY at the link below, though I must warn you that if you are faint hearted or get scared easily you should totally avoid it.


Sam’s First video- https://lbry.tv/@Crypto_Sense:1/Is-Bitcoin-the-new-Gold_:5




STAY SAFE! From Coronavirus and from Crypto Whales!





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