Doctor Who: Will it be the Biggest NFT Game in 2021?

If you have been following the crypto market for a while now you would have definitely noticed a sudden surge in the number of NFT based games that have recently been launched or are planning to launch over the coming months. This clearly shows that there is huge demand of games that are centered around blockchain based NFTs and this genre of games has a lot of potential to introduce a big number of gamers who are currently not on-boarded to the blockchain world.

As the number of NFT games is growing so is the number of scam projects and sub-standard games. Another challenge faced by people interested in NFT games is that it very difficult to come at a proper valuation for the NFTs. You can’t be sure if you are paying a fair price and would be able to sell this NFT in future for a profit. This gets even more complicated as there is no guaranteed liquidity for NFTs. You can buy or sell crypto whenever you want over a DEX or CEX you just need to track the price movements but the liquidity is available for all major pairs. The problem with NFTs is that they are unique and what price you can expect is totally subjective. If a collector is looking for a rare NFT you hold you might even get a million dollar for it but if there are currently no buyers you might not be able to sell off your NFT for a long time.


What is so Special about Doctor Who?

Let me start by the main reasons why I am super bullish on the long term for Doctor Who. I have been tracking this project closely for a long time now since it started working on the game around October 2020. I had been apprehensive of investing any money for a long time but recently I decided to take the plunge and it was driven by several factors which I am listing below:

  • Reputation of BBC

This NFT game is backed by BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) which in case you were not aware is the biggest media house in UK which has been running for close to 100 years now. It generates over $5 Billion in revenues a year through it’s news channels, TV shows and other media initiatives. It holds the rights for hugely popular TV Show Doctor Who and is the main owner of this NFT game as well. BBC is doing a great initiative by offering ease of play on the platform so anyone who is not familiar with blockchain can also play. You can pay by crypto or if it seems complex you can pay by credit card. To standardize transactions they have introduced their own currency called vUSD pegged to USD. The biggest advantage of having backing of BBC is that this game will have nearly zero possibility of being scam. We can’t be sure how entertaining or appealing the game will be but we can be sure that it will not turn out to be rugpull and our investments here will be safe.


  • Popularity of Doctor Who TV Show

The TV show on which theme this game is built around was wildly popular in UK and even countries outside of UK. There is a huge fan base all over the world which means once the game launches there is a high possibility that the demand for NFTs will keep growing. It is evident from the fact that many variety of special edition cards are already sold out as standard packs and can now only  be purchased through their marketplace for trading NFTs with other users. This despite the fact that the game is far from ready yet and is expected to be launched towards end of 2021.

I am trying to collect a few cards of each special edition variety as they are limited and there will be no more of these minted in the future. This is something I plan to hold for a long term at least a year or more.


  • Efforts being Put into Graphics and Sounds

If you look at the video they have posted on their site to give a glimpse of how the gameplay would be like you can clearly notice that the visuals and sounds are of much higher quality than any NFT game you would have played till now. BBC is known to take the visual appeal of all it’s products very seriously.


  • Accessible Game for Everyone

Despite having such a huge launchpad they have decided to keep the game open for everyone and not follow a Pay-to-Win model. Even if you decide not to invest a single dollar you can still get hold of their basic sets by earning the daily bonus they give out to all registered users. You get $0.10 just for logging into their site everyday so in 50 days you will have $5 which is sufficient to buy a basic pack. The special edition packs would cost $30-$50 but in my opinion it is a worth investment as the standard cards will have infinite supply but special edition cards are limited and most are already sold out.


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Let me know in the comments anything more you want to know about this project and if you want to have a look at how to interface with their site then check out the video below.





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