Crypto & Minimalism – Part #2

Crypto & Minimalism – Part #2

This is my second post on the topic of Crypto & Minimalism. In the first part I talked about how I got interested in Crypto and Minimalism around the same time and what synergies I found between them. If you have not read the first part yet, you can access it at this link -

In this second part I will be talking about the people who have had a significant impact on my outlook towards Crypto and to reinforce my belief that one can be involved with crypto without being driven by materialistic goals. Not all these people I will talk about today are strict adherents of Minimalism but they had adopted crypto in their unique non-materialistic ways.


Andreas Antonopoulos

When I first heard about Bitcoin in late 2017 when it was having the crazy bull run and everyone seemed to start buying it, I stayed away from it as it seemed like a scam. The following crash in early 2018 and all the negative news surrounding it made me lose interest further. All this changed when I accidently stumbled upon a youtube video of Andreas. He for the first time opened my eyes to what Bitcoin really was. He explained what was the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, to create a truly decentralized currency which would free the world from clutches of greedy bankers. He explained the blockchain concepts in a really easy to grasp manner so even people who are not very tech savvy can understand it.

What made me a huge fan was the personality of Andreas. He was not in it for the money but just because he like the concept. He is against the wild pumps & dumps and manipulations by the whales. He thinks people who are interested in Bitcoin only as a means of making a quick profit are doing it more harm than good. He has put all his energies in raising awareness about what bitcoin and blockchain really are. He travelled all over the world to speak in conferences to clear doubts that people have about crypto. He uses bitcoin for his expenses whenever he can. He is not hoarding his Bitcoin which he bought very early to make a crazy profit.

Andreas never cared about accumulating wealth and was using up all his bitcoins to cover his rent and other expenses. Roger Keith Ver (early investor knows as Bitcoin Jesus) made really disparaging remarks about Andreas saying he is no good with money and that’s why he hardly has any Bitcoin left despite being an early adopter. Andreas’ hardcore fans were really offended by this and within days they raised 100 BTC for Andreas (despite the fact that he never asked for any help, he simply has no financial ambitions). This shows the power of Karma- The positive karma that Andreas had raised by selflessly sharing the knowledge he had gathered on Bitcoin he was rewarded by his fans who are always grateful for the priceless information he continuously shares free of cost.

To read more abut this famous incident, check this article -

What I understand about crypto, blockchain and Bitcoin is mainly governed by what I learnt through videos of Andreas. I think I must have seen 90% or more of his videos available on youtube.

I always thought Andreas was the unique exception, as everyone else seem to be after Bitcoin driven completely by financial greed. However it was not totally correct as I slowly started experimenting with crypto based sites and projects I found several other people whose main motivation in life was not money.


Dan Bainbridge

If you have been active on Publish0x for some time now, you already know that Dan is the founder of Publish0x. You might have also noticed that for a Founder / CEO, Dan keep a very low profile. He has hardly made 10-12 posts in the last 2 years here on Publish0x. He hardly does any interviews or publicity posts. Most of the times when he appears it is linked to some charity or social cause.

In case you missed it, the link below will lead you the post where Dan donated 1 BTC (yes, one complete Bitcoin) to CHUF (Childrens Heart Unit Foundation)

There is a video embedded in this post where he is encouraging others to make donations to this charity if they are interested. He adds a line saying, I don’t want you to make any huge donations just small amount are fine as you don’t know me well. (Wow, this was the first time I saw someone asking people to be cautious with donations when he himself just donated 1 full BTC). This donation was to mark 10 year anniversary of his heart surgery and he mentions in the video he was glad he survived. He also sometimes appears in the comments section out of the blue, more often than not when some help is needed for a social cause. He appeared last year to help with a charity to support a guy whose life was devastated by the tragedy in Philippines. I don’t know Dan personally but if I was to hazard a guess I would say maybe that heart surgery had some role in his way of thinking. When you are faced with such a situation where you feel you might not survive then it changes your whole outlook in life. You realize what are the real meaningful things in life and how most of our materialistic possessions don’t have any real value. I think his personality has a lot to do with how Publish0x is run. No sudden ambitious moves, things move in a slow and steady manner towards a clear goal. No greedy ventures of a ICO or token manipulations.

I hope Dan continues the good work and wish him all the best.


Jeff Kirdeikis

Jeff is the Founder of Uptrennd and unlike Dan he is very socially active. He posts very regularly on Uptrennd, participates in the Telegram discussions as well and if you search for hm you will find him everywhere youtube, twitter, medium, linkedin everywhere.

With popularity comes social scrutiny and that is the reason you will find mixed responses. While some people hail him as the son of god, some people shout he is the biggest scammer out there.

I am not here to pass a judgement as I hardly know him and am not privy to what exactly is happening behind the scenes, but I will share what I have seen.

If you would go the platform Uptrennd, the first thing you would notice is that majority of the active users are from Nigeria (and other African countries) and Pakistan. Many of them had no idea what crypto and blockchain were before they joined Uptrennd. Many of them did not speak English properly before joining Uptrennd and still struggle with it, but they are making efforts to improve. Earnings from Uptrennd has had a significant impact of quality of lives of these people. You notice that sometimes Jeff gets really frustrating managing them (specially since some of these users try to game the system to mint some extra tokens by spamming), but the important thing is he never gives up and keeps the community welfare a priority.


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