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Although I'm been a member of Publish0x for a while now, as a student I've never had the time to put my own identity on this growing website. I am starting to write articles by making my own contribution to the ongoing Contest date extension in Publish0x.

I do not want to annoy you by talking more. Years ago, in many parts of the world, there were grassroots difficulties faced by farmers, but I would like to present my conclusions to you by presenting it as short a literary work as possible.

The story and the characters are purely fictional, with no connection between the living and the dead.

Sea of whales

George came looking for him at Stephen's farm near the beach. The smell of salty air wafted through George's nostrils, scattering thoughts like roaring sea fish. They looked at each other. Stephen's face radiated with joy, but suddenly clouds of gloom rolled down.



George was shocked to hear Stephen explain that his father, who had been injured in the attack by Samuel, the owner of the new estate, was exhausted. The punishment was for resisting the encroachment on his farm. Samuel evicted and evicted other farmers. Attacked the opposition. Many fled in fear. Even the chairman of the strike committee formed against the estate was reunited. The local minister also has a share in the estate

Stephen called his friend out and pointed to the distance: "Where is the green palace of the windmills that gave the dance party according to the wind?"
'' Farmland has been cleared. The sea is no longer ours?''

Stephen sighed. Making artificial seas abroad. Here the sea is artificial.
Sunil notices a wooden board when he sees foreigners in swimsuits coming down to the beach from the resort.
It was as shocking as a spear stuck in the sand. No access for strangers.

It was fun to make a crab hole by the cones, but tears fell from Stephen's eyes at the grief of losing the heritage. Someone mocked him for being an exile in his own country.

As strong as the waves looking to break down the massive walls of the estate. Stephen stared at the endless sea, waiting for the sea to end, unable to decide whether it was the roar of despair or the cry of sorrow that pierced his brain ...

What I am trying to present here is a situation that once existed in many parts of our world, and you may be wondering what is the relevance of this story today but the truth is that perhaps the atrocities against agriculture and small farmers may be less today but then the dominance of whales is first reflected in all areas. In fact, they are taking control. They always exploit the people below them by taking advantage of the power that their influence and economic dominance give them.

This is the biggest crisis that exists today in cryptocurrency above all other sectors. As long as they continue to rely on whale schemes, small investors will always be poor, because the whales are manipulating their plans, artificially increasing APY and exploiting small investors, making it impossible for them to even claim their own income by raising ETH gas fees. But by challenging all of this, Harvest Finance is creating a revolution of its own. It is ending the dominance of whales by building a revolutionary product with a new base, thereby helping small investors seize the opportunity to reap higher yields than ever before in the agricultural sector.

Harvest Finance

Their moves are quite intelligent. The YCRV CRV farming support for DAI, USDC, U.S.D.T. was launched on 1 September and the harvest SWRV farmland support for USDT, U.S. DAI, U.S.D.T. was supplemented on 6 September 2020. On 8 September 2020 the support for WBTC, RenBTC and CrvRenWBTC CRV farming was re-instated. The UNI introduced support for ETH-DAI, ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, and ETH-WBTC in farming on 17 September.

It seems like a strong community of people who are very involved in this project.  The developers are assisted by a team of moderators who are always present and I have a great experience with them. I saw them coping with tough situations and I still found them very encouraging.

I hope this little bit of information has benefitted all my readers. Please add  your useful feedback.

Thank you.


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Crypto Projects - my own perspectives

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