Upcoming ESG NFTs designed to remove CO2 and Conserve Forest

CO2 Removal Credit (CRC)
Claimable for Offset Reporting

CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) is a token representing 1 ton of carbon removal. CRC is issued based on MRV data of forest lands represented by CarbonLand Trust Forest Conservation NFTs. CO2 Removal Credits are airdropped to holders of CO2 Bonded NFTs based on the terms of the bond and amount of bonds a wallet is holding.

CO2 Removal Credit:

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX

  • Farm by holding CO2 Removal Bonds, when you have bonds in your wallet you will receive airdrops of CRC based on the terms

  • Claim, redeem CRC to use to offset your CO2

Carbon Removal Bond (CRB)

  CO2 Removal Bond Yields CRC Yearly

Carbonland a Trust CO2 Bonded NFTs yield Carbon Removal Credits (CRC) annually to wallets holding the NFTs based on the term of the bond. Forest lands protected by CarbonLand Trust yield CO2 Removal Credits each year to wallets holding CO2 BONDs. Buyers of CarbonLand Trust NFTs can be ensured that they are getting real CO2 removal, true additionality, longer-term durability, and co-benefits like creating pollinator habitat, protecting biodiversity of plant and animal life, and providing publicly accessible outdoor experiences.

CO2 Removal Bond:

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX

  • Yields CO2 Removal Credits (CRC) yearly by airdrop to the wallet holding the NFTs for term of the bond.

Forest Conservation Certificate

  Forest Conservation Certificates Yields MRV Passes Monthly

Forest Conservation Certificates are unique NFTs that represent real rights to enjoy forest land conserved by CarbonLand Trust Protocol. CarbonLand Trust One Acre (NFT) Forest Conservation Certificate puts a real acre into perpetual conservation and protects that 1 acre of forest from logging forever. Additionally forest land protected by CarbonLand Trust is managed with regenerative stewardship to increase biodiversity, and provide people access to places they can spend time outdoors.

Conservation Certificate:

  • Buy or Sell on CarbonSwap or open market DEX

  • Or Earn a Conservation Certificate by claiming 360 CO2 Removal Credits (CRC)

  • Yields one MRV Pass each month by airdrop to the wallet holding the NFT perpetually.


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